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Get Dazzling Flawless Skin With Obagi Nu Derm Clear 3

Do you ever look into the mirror and see different uneven pigmentation, age spots, liver spots, or too many freckles? You don't have to be resigned to the thought that it's a natural consequence of aging?

Posted On: - 2008-11-27 22:25:47 | Read Full Article
Effective Skin Care For Diabetics

Diabetes is caused by an excess of glucose in the blood for a prolonged period of time. High levels of blood sugar can cause problems in your heart, blood vessels and kidneys. Additionally, effects can be seen on the skin as well.

Posted On: - 2008-11-23 23:01:11 | Read Full Article
How To Treat Adult Acne?

Acne attacks are a cause of despair. But what makes them worse is the realization that it may leave behind severe scars that can last a lifetime.

Posted On: - 2008-11-23 22:59:05 | Read Full Article
Skin Care Myths- Unveiled!

Men and women are increasingly getting cautious about skin care. There still prevails certain myths in the market that give you the wrong information with which may casue you to end up choosing a product completely wrong for your skin care regimen.

Posted On: - 2008-11-11 22:22:55 | Read Full Article
The A-B-C's Of Skin Care

We all have special skin care routines that suit every season. But what people fail to realize is that great skin care begins with the same essential steps.

Posted On: - 2008-11-11 22:20:11 | Read Full Article
How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes?

Puffiness or dark circles under the eye, also known as, "having bags under your eyes" are not uncommon. In fact, all women have encountered it at some time or another in their lives.

Posted On: - 2008-11-05 22:11:25 | Read Full Article
What Is The Difference Between Organic Skin Care And Natural Skin Care Products?

As more and more people wake up to realize the wonders of nature, the sales of 'organic' skin care products and 'natural' skincare products are on an all time high.

Posted On: - 2008-11-05 22:10:12 | Read Full Article
Skin Care In The Winter!

Come winter its all about chilling winds and dipping temperatures. Heating systems work overtime and all this leaves you with dry and flaky skin. This is a signal for you to take more care of your skin than ever and provide it with extra nourishment to counter the effects of the chill.

Posted On: - 2008-10-31 23:25:19 | Read Full Article
How To Select The Right Moisturizer

What is the largest organ of our body? It is the skin! It is not just a bag that covers our whole body but it is a protective barrier that defends against dirt and debris.

Posted On: - 2008-10-31 23:24:06 | Read Full Article
5 Must Have's In Your Beauty Kit!

Every woman who has a serious skin care regimen has to have a beauty kit. And the beauty kit contains tools to cater to this passion.

Posted On: - 2008-10-20 22:52:48 | Read Full Article