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Skin Care Products > Articles > Shed Off Your Winter Worries- 5 Ways Nourish Your Skin In Winter

Shed Off Your Winter Worries- 5 Ways Nourish Your Skin In Winter

Posted On: - 2008-09-12 02:22:05

Winter is a time of itchiness and dryness. Flaky skin becomes the norm therefore constant skin nourishment becomes essential. You might bundle yourself up in layers of wool but the skin underneath needs much more. 

Here are some easy ways to keep your skin well hydrated and skip the winter woes:

Quick Shower
It may be tempting to treat yourself with a long hot bath during the cold winter, however, hot water is not as pleasant as it feels. One hour of hot water may result in dry skin all day. Hot water rids your skin of natural oils that maintain the skin's moisture levels and opens pores. This makes the skin dry, itchy and susceptible to bacteria.Instead take a short shower in lukewarm water to help maintain your skin's health!

Moisturize Well
Do not wait until you have dried yourself off completely before you proceed to apply moisturizer. Moisturizers essentially trap the water in the outer layers of you skin and keep it hydrated. So it is best to apply them immediately after showering.  For those with extremely dry skin, it’s better to use creams and ointments rather than lotions because of their increased water content.

Less Humidity
Winter is the time when humidity is at an all time low. Exposure to indoor heating systems adds to drying effects on the skin and sudden changes in temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin. A good solution would be to turn on your humidifiers and drink hydrating liquids keep yourself well moisturized from the inside out.

Drink Water
Most people believe that drinking lots of water is only for summertime. You lose a lot of water through sweating in the summer, therefore you need to keep yourself replenished. But winters are a time when the moisture levels of your body are low and skin is in dire need of moisture replenishment.  Therefore, this is the time you have to supplement the lack of hydration in your body by drinking enough water. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day even if you don’t feel thirsty to keep all systems working efficiently.

Moisturizing Soaps
There are summer soaps and then there are winter soaps. Altough the labels are not this specific, cleansing soaps that remove sweat and bacteria should be chosen in the summer and  a moisturizing soap should be used in winters to keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and supple.

By Skin Care Heaven Make-up Consultant & Personal Care Editor