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Skin Care Products > Articles > Make Up & Cosmetics, Are They Responsible For Your Skin Damage?

Make Up & Cosmetics, Are They Responsible For Your Skin Damage?

Posted On: - 2009-11-13 02:33:53

Make-up and cosmetics help to hide the facial flaws and make the skin look better. You might be using them on regular basis to help with your beauty process. However, are you doing it the right way?

Even though make-up and cosmetics can make your skin look better, if used in a wrong way they can also cause long term damage and ruin the quality of your skin. In fact, you might not even know that you are causing damage to the skin.

Here are some things you need to consider while applying make-up and make sure that your skin is protected against any damage:

Avoid Frowning Too Much
Women generally tend to make deep forehead creases while applying their eye make-up. This movement may be quite involuntary but is repeated as often as you apply something on the eyes be it eye liner, mascara, eyes shadow or so on. Women with mature skin may still notice fine wrinkles when they peer into the mirror, but women with younger skin with good skin elasticity don't see this as a problem. However, when these facial movements are repeated over time can lead to wrinkles and cause horizontal lines to form below your hairline and across the entire forehead.

So, the next time you are applying your eye liner or shading your eye lids, make sure you don't frown into the mirror.

These small steps go a long way in preventing and delaying premature development of aging signs

Don't Pull your Under Eye Skin
Women who apply 'kajal' or like to line their lower lids with a liner often tend to pull down their lower eyelids. When such an action is repeated over time, it has a negative effect on the skin around the eye contours. Because of the repeated stretch and strain motion, the skin loses its elasticity and fine lines are formed in the under-eye area.

Therefore, make sure you don't pull your skin so hard. The skin on and around your eyes is extremely fragile and sensitive. So, handle it with utmost care. Invest in a good eye cream that serves to provide essential nutrients to the under eye skin and keep it smooth and flawless.

Put Contact Lenses Carefully

Women who wear contact lenses should be extremely careful how they wear and remove the lenses. Often they tend to pull hard at the lower eye lids and the process tends to damage the sensitive eye contours in the long run. And in addition to development of fine lines and wrinkles, the skin may also become lax and develop eye bags. Therefore be very gentle on your lower eye lids.

Don't Apply too much of the Eye Creams
While eye creams provide you essential nutrients and help prevent skin damage, an overdose of the same can do more harm than good. Women often tend to over-apply eye creams with the misconception that more is better. However, applying more than the prescribed amount of the eye care product can clog your skin pores and lead to acne and breakouts. Therefore, read the instructions on the eye care product very carefully and apply only the prescribed amount. And unless it is mentioned that you need to apply it generously, a dime size amount would be enough.

So, break these bad habitsĀ  right now and make sure that you don't cause any unintentional damage to your skin.

Naomi Andrews is a professional skin care expert and esthetician. Having worked with several spas and medical spas over the years, she has in depth knowledge about acne skin care systems and skin care cosmetics. She advises women how to take care of their skin and achieve a healthy and flawless complexion.