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Skin Care Products > Articles > How To Care For Dry Skin

How To Care For Dry Skin

Posted On: - 2009-12-09 02:29:52

Dry skin is a common skin concern among women, which is characterized by flaky and itchy skin that often leads to redness. During winter season, the symptoms of dry skin become even worse. The cold and dry climate robs the skin of moisture and makes it even drier. However, with proper care, you can keep your skin healthy and beautiful even if it is naturally dry.

However, in order to take care of dry skin efficiently, it is important that you understand the causes that leads to skin dryness.

Causes of Dry Skin
Dry skin is a result of the damage caused to the skin’s intracellular matrix, the substance that is responsible for keeping the skin cells intact and makes them function properly. When it is damaged, the skin loses its natural moisture and becomes dry and rough.

The intracellular matrix can be damaged by a variety of factors like cold & humid climate, unprotected and excessive exposure to sun, central air conditioning or heating, heredity and so on. In fact, as we grow older, our skin becomes drier. This is because as skin cells grow old, they lose collagen and elastin fibers (that keep the skin smooth and supple) and cause the texture to become dry.. The estrogen levels in our body’s decrease thus making the skin thinner and eroding its natural protective barrier

Treatment of Dry Skin
If you want to prevent the damage caused to the intracellular matrix of the skin, it is important to treat your dry skin efficiently. Also, you need to follow a good skin care regimen regularly and use skin care products that are especially formulated for dry skin. Here are some healthy skin care tips to control dry skin conditions:

Avoid Alcohols in Skin Care Products
Alcohols are strong ingredients that are often used in skin care products. However, they tend to irritate dry skin and damage its intracellular matrix. Thus, it is advisable to avoid skin care products that contain alcohol and instead look for products that have nourishing ingredients.

Always use Sunscreen
Sunscreens should be an integral part of your skin care regimen. The UV rays of the sun can penetrate the skin and cause premature aging and destroy the intracellular matrix. Therefore wear a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects your skin against the UVA and UVB rays of the sun and prevents any damage. Look for sunscreens that have moisturizing properties as well. Try La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX, a two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen. It offers full protection against sunburn and is a great moisturizer. It contains Mexoryl SX which is photostable against UVA rays so it does not breakdown and actually lasts longer than most sunscreens.

Select a Creamy Cleanser
Cleansers serve to remove all the dirt and impurities from within the skin pores and leave your face clean but they often tend to make the skin dry. In fact, soaps can be very harsh on the skin as well. So use a creamy cleanser that cleans your face and also provides it with moisturizing ingredients. Try Skin Care Heaven Purifying Gentle Cleanser. It is a deep cleaning foaming cleanser rich in antioxidants Green Tea and Caffeine. The Purifying Cleanser will cleanse and fight free radical damage at the same time.

Avoid using Toners
Avoid using alcohol-based toners and astringents that can make your skin even drier. Rather, use a hydrating mist like Kinerase Hydrating Antioxidant Mist. It helps to tone and soothe the skin. This product contains hyaluronic acid and kinetin that helps to hydrate and rejuvenated the skin. It also contains antioxidants that help in the aging process.

Use a Rich Creamy Moisturizer
Use a rich moisturizer that contains a lot of humectants, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Check the ingredients list for humectants like Glycerin and Lactic Acid. These ingredients attract moisture from the air while ingredients like silicones and Petrolatum form a barrier on the skin, trapping moisture and preventing water loss.

Naomi Andrews is a professional skin care expert and esthetician. She has worked for several spas and medical spas in her career and has an in depth knowledge about skin care. She advises women about dry skin care and sensitive skin care and suggests discounted skin care products that they can buy.