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Skin Care Products > Articles > All About Facial Cleansers

All About Facial Cleansers

Posted On: - 2008-09-14 23:14:01

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skin care regimen. For natural, healthy looking skin, you need to choose the appropriate skin care product and the correct application for your skin type. A good cleansing routine will serve as the base for your keeping your skin healthy and functioning effectively.

Here are some key points to keep in mind about cleansing your skin:

Cleanse Twice a Day!

A basic cleansing routine should include washing your face at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. In morning to start the day with a clean fresh oil free face and at night to remove make-up and all accumulated dirt and pollutants! Cleansing is often overlooked and compensated with a splash of water in the morning but that should not be so. The skin on the face is delicate and fragile and needs good nourishment. Therefore, spend some quality time pampering your skin  to keep it as fresh and healthy as possible.

Be Clean when you Cleanse

Cleansing involves removing all impurities and makes the skin clean and fresh. That cannot happen if you harbor unclean hands! Make sure that your hands are clean and free of all bacteria before you start your cleansing routine unnecessary  transfer of bacteria onto your face. Next, take the cleanser in your palm and rub hands together to form a good lather. Massage onto the face and with both hands and rinse off with tepid water. Pat dry with a clean towel and follow it up with toner and moisturizer.

Choose the right Cleanser

There are plenty of face-washes and cleansers available in the market. But the key is choosing the one that best suits your skin. Therefore, you must evaluate your skin type.

• Dry skin requires and rich creamy cleanser that provides the much needed moisture without irritating the skin and without hampering its natural oil content.

• Oily skin needs a gently foaming water based face wash or cleanser that gets rid of excess oil and prevents the undue shine without drying up the skin completely.

• Acneic skin has bacteria deep inside the skin pores. Thus it requires a cleanser that kills the bacteria and prevents further occurrence of new pimples and blemishes.

• Sensitive skin can be highly reactive to skin care products. Therefore, it needs to be pampered with a cleanser that does not contain any harsh chemicals or irritating fragrances. Rather go for a cleanser that has salicylic acid as the main ingredient.

Cleansing Routine

Your cleansing routine should leave the skin clean oil free. It is perfectly normal for the skin to feel a little tight immediately after cleansing, especially so if the cleanser contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid but that will be gone in a few minutes. The taut sensation is because these ingredients change the pH balance of the skin momentarily so that the active ingredients are absorbed instantly and get working. However if the sensation persists or aggravates, its time to rethink your product!

By Skin Care Heaven Make-up Consultant & Personal Care Editor