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Skin Care Products > Articles > Skin Cancer - 5 Things You Need To Know!

Skin Cancer - 5 Things You Need To Know!

Posted On: - 2010-06-18 23:11:00

May was the official Skin Cancer Awareness month! Skin cancer is one of the most common types of skin cancer inflicting over a million people every year. In fact, a person dies from skin cancer almost every hour. But fortunately, it is also the most preventable type of cancer. All it takes is being a little sun savvy and know-how to prevent the disease.

Here are 5 facts you need to know about skin cancer and ways to stay protected:

1. Skin Cancer Can Happen anytime

You don't have to hit a certain age to be at risk to skin cancer! It can happen at any age. Even if you've had a sunburn as a baby, you could still get skin cancer from that burn later in life. So make sure you apply sunscreen on your infants and children and educate them on how to continue their habit throughout their lives.

2. Genetics play an Important Role

If you have a family history of skin cancer, then you are at higher risk of developing the disease. In addition, other genetic disorders like albinism can also elevate your chances of developing skin cancer. So make sure you consult your family doctor and stay safe.

3. Tanning Beds Are Not Safe!

No matter the tall claims of the tanning industry, tanning beds are not safe. People often use tanning beds as an alternative to stimulate Vitamin D production within the skin cells. In fact, studies have found that tanning beds can actually serve to elevate the chances of skin cancer.

If you want a bronzed look, try out various self-tanning products available. Sun Laboratories presents Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion – Dark and Dark Sunsation Self Tanning Lotion - Very Dark, two superior tanning lotions that provides instant tint to your skin and enriches it with the goodness of vitamins C & E as well as sweet almond oil. Just apply an even layer smoothly over the body and face without getting in eyes. You will get an instant tan that will last for about a week and can be reapplied as necessary to darken skin.

4. Protective Clothing is Not Enough

Even though protective clothing is a great way to enhance your sun protection, most offer less than SPF 15 protection. So, if you plan to spend your day outside it is important to slather on a broad spectrum sunscreen all over your body! Try La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid. It’s a sheer, light, oil free sunscreen formula that is enriched with LRP's. CELL-OX Shield complete with antioxidants and extreme sun filters and is water resistant and is great for summer months.

5. Get yourself Checked

Skin cancer is the most preventable type of skin cancer. And the best line of prevention is early detection. So schedule a skin examination at least once a year with your dermatologist and get yourself thoroughly checked for any unusual moles or markings.

Naomi Andrews is a professional esthetician and skin care expert. She has extensive experience of working at spas and medical spas and has expertise of performing various skin procedures like facials, microdermabrasion etc. She reviews several sun care products and oily skin care products and informs women about discount skin care cosmetics.