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Skin Care Products > Articles > All You Need To Know About Sun Damage

All You Need To Know About Sun Damage

Posted On: - 2008-09-14 23:15:01

Bronzed tanned skin seems to always be in vogue, but there are many  negative outcomes from the sun-kissed look. Along with the naturally tanned glow, you may also get sun/age spots, wrinkles, fine facial lines, sagging skin and worst of all skin cancer!

In general, Sunlight is a necessary part staying healthy.  It is a key ingredient for making Vitamin D in our bodies. However, the tricky part is getting the right amount of sun exposure in the right way so that you are shielded from all potential sun damage.

Here is what you should know about sun protection and treatment of sunburns:

Prevention is Better than Cure!

According to the American Cancer Society, over 1 million skin cancer cases have been diagnosed in 2008. The suns rays are comprised of UVA and UVB radiations that are potentially harmful for the skin. These rays are able to penetrate deep inside the dermal layer of the skin and cause damage at the cellular level.

The best way to protect yourself against the ill effects of sunlight is to cover the exposed areas with clothing or apply sunscreen to those areas whether it is cloudy or sunny. Remember, the more effort you use to protect your skin from sun exposure, the less time and money you will have to spend curing the after-effects.

Incorporating sun care into your beauty regimen is easy. There are several skin care products, like moisturizers and foundation which contain a satisfactory amount of sunscreen which allow you the  benefit of dual effects using a single product. Moreover, there are  powder sunscreens available that are easier to apply continuously through the day. It is always recommended to use a sunscreen with a high SPF content and wait till about 15-20 minutes before venturing out in the sun.

If you plan to stay under the sun for long periods doing some outdoor activities then  a broad spectrum sunscreen that offers protection from  UVA and UVB rays is advised. If you are swimming or sweating, reapply every two hours. If you happen to spend time at the beach, make sure you sit under the shade of an umbrella whenever possible or wear a wide brimmed hat as well as using sunscreen.

Healing Sunburns

If you get a sunburn then you should immediately start an appropriate skin care regimen to reduce the redness and minimize peeling of the skin. Here are some things you should do:

• Apply raw aloe vera or some other aloe vera based gel that helps soothe the redness of the affected area. Choose skin products that contain lidocaine in order to soothe the pain.

• Take a mild pain reliever such as aspirin, motrin. or acetominophen to ease the symptoms of the sunburn

• Avoid hot showers and baths and apply moisturizer immediately afterward to hydrate the skin again.

By Skin Care Heaven Make-up Consultant & Personal Care Editor