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Skin Care Products > Articles > Blush - A Great Way To Color Your Cheeks!

Blush - A Great Way To Color Your Cheeks!

Posted On: - 2010-06-28 00:58:46

A dash of color to your face can immediately brighten your face and make it more vibrant. This is why blushes are such a hit with women, especially those on the other side of the aging cycle. As we age, our skin naturally becomes paler. Fortunately, with the right blush, you can simply sweep on a healthy, luminous flush.

Types of Blush

You can choose from among 3 types of blushes:

Cream Blush
Typically packaged in a pot or stick, it blends easily onto the skin and gives a dewy appearance to your make-up. It’s ideal for women with dry or mature skin as they contain emollients that help moisturize the skin and help colors glide on smoothly to your cheeks.

Powder Blush
Available in either pressed or loose form, it’s the easiest of the three formulations to work with. You can easily fix mistakes such as applying too much color by simply dabbing way the excess powder with a puff or sponge. Powder blushes are ideal for almost all skin types.

Stain Blush

It comes in two forms – Gel, that comes in mini-stick like packaging and Liquid stain, that comes in bottles with screw-off caps or roller ball tips. It is ideal for oily skin.

How to Choose an Ideal Blush Color

A rule of thumb while choosing your blush color is to pick one that falls within one to two shades of your natural flush.

Fair Complexion – Choose from Pale Pink to Pastel Apricot
Medium Complexion – Choose from Tawny Brownish Pink or Deep Brownish Rose
Olive to Dark Complexion – Choose from Plum or deep shades of Bronze, Rose or Red.

How to Apply Blush?

Blushes help you mimic a natural flush. So, you should apply it to the apples of your cheeks.

You need a Blush Brush to apply powder or cream blush. The brush has a slightly tapered head that fits the apples of your cheeks and ensures a full coverage. Make sure it’s neither too fluffy nor too small so that you are able to control where the blush is going without creating a streaky line of color.

Dip the brush’s bristles into the blush and press it into the color gently.
Shake the brush or wipe it with a tissue to tap off the excess color.
Start at the bottom of your temples and sweep the blush along the contours of your cheekbone all along to the apples of your cheeks.
If the color appears too pronounced, blend it in with a sponge.

Product Suggestions:

Glo Mineral's Glo Blush
Glo Minerals presents high pigment colors for expert shading and highlighting. Inspired by colors of nature, their rich color pallet has something for every skin type and complexion. Moreover, all the products are infused with the richness of antioxidants and contain superior sun-protecting ingredients that shield your skin against the damaging rays of the sun. The blush doesn't clog the skin pores and is a great choice for women with acne or Rosacea.

Naomi Andrews is a professional esthetician and skin care expert. She has written several articles about skin care and make-up techniques. She believes that beauty is a woman's armor and researches about anti-aging skin care products and mineral cosmetics that are healthy options for your skin.