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Skin Care Products > Articles > Sunless tanning

Sunless tanning

Posted On: - 2010-08-30 04:31:17

Some like it fair others like it dark. Those who prefer to get a break from their routine fair skinned look can opt for a tanned look. A tanned skin makes you look thinner and healthier but the idea of sunbathing to get this look is less desirable.

Methods of getting yourself tanned
Sunbathing was once taken as means to get a tan. In bikinis many women used to lie for hours on beaches to get the whole body tanned. Nowadays many women like to have that tanned look but also at the same time are aware of the harms UV rays can cause to your skin. Sunbathing for long hours not only promotes ageing of the skin but also puts you at the risk of many skin problems including skin cancer. Thus, cosmetic manufacturers have come up with many options in the form of tanning shimmers, lotions, creams and sprays which aid you in achieving a sun kissed glow. These products help you get a smoothly tanned look all over and will also prevent the need of exposing yourself to the harmful effects of sun tanning.

Using self tanners
To achieve the tanned look you can go to spa or a salon to get the appropriate treatment. Also, some companies have booths where they spray the tanners on your skin they give you the sorted look and here a session would cost you a little less than the spa treatment. In both the cases there are experts handling your skin and guiding you through the process. So you make sure that your complete body gets a smooth and non patchy tanning done.

Apart from the above there are self tanning lotions and sprays easily available in the market. These are easy to use and help you get the treatment at the place and time of your choice with complete privacy. A tanning lotion can be directly applied onto the skin after exfoliating whereas the bronzing powders if used need to be mixed with appropriate creams and then patted over the skin. A tanning spray can be directly applied all over the body. All these products are to be left for about 3 to 4 hours to develop properly and give you the perfect tanned look.

Things to remember
One thing which all those using the self tanners should keep in mind is to exfoliate yourself before using the tanning product and avoid use of moisturizers before using the tanner as the two might interfere with each other’s working. Also a shower before the treatment where you could scrub or exfoliate your skin would help (take care to specifically scrub rough areas like elbows and knees). Get your arms and legs waxed before using the tanning products and when using on face, pull your hair up into a pony. This would make sure that no area is left without treatment and no spots or patches are formed.

In case you end up in getting dark spots at some areas or patches, rub the area gently with a cotton ball dipped in an astringent to get rid of the dark area. Once tanned the effect remains up to 7 days.

Naomi Andrews is an esthetician from Hawaii. With about 10 years of experience as a practitioner in leading spa she has had the opportunity to use various skin care cosmetics and products like Obagi, Neocutis,La RochePosay, Epionce and many others. She has hands on various kinds of laser treatments, facial and chemical peels and other skin care and anti ageing treatments. She also owns and runs a medical spa in Maui.