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Skin Care Products > Articles > Know your make up tools

Know your make up tools

Posted On: - 2010-11-15 03:28:33

Cosmetics applied using the right tool can give you the desired make up look you are searching for. By makeup tools I mean the brushes, wands and sponges you used to apply your daily make up. These tools are important as they make application of products on the skin easier and efficient. Also you can give required shapes to different facial features using these small and handy tools. Truly, they make up an essential part of your make up arsenal.

Kinds of MakeUp Tools

You must have noticed the small sponges and brushes which come packed in your new compacts and eye shadow palettes you buy. These also fall under the category of makeup tools but do not last longer and generally are meant for one type of application (either broad or narrow, sharp lined or wedged). Some extra brushes (varying shape and purpose from the kit brushes). Actually, makeup brushes are available in many shapes, sizes and forms. Some with firm tips made of spong-like material while others with brushed tips. Some have narrow tips while others have broader or sharp tips. All have different uses and thus are used to give varied looks and styles and also fuller look when desired.

As a general rule, broader brushes are used on wider areas (like when you apply blush)while narrow ones do the opposite. Sharp tips have a role in making lines, coloring edges (eyelids, lips) or covering small spots, acne or blemishes. Those tools with sponged tips are made to be used with liquid make up products (like mascara, liquid eye shadow, and concealers) while those with brushed ends are used to apply powdered or dry makeup products (foundation powders or eye shadow powders).

What are these tools made of?

Cosmetic manufacturers design the tools to suit not one but a large population. Known cosmetic brands like Glo Minerals make up products which are easy and convenient for all kinds of users with varied likings, tastes and preferences. Therefore, apart from the function, the brand of the makeup tool you buy would also decide its design. For brushes are to be used daily, all would love to have fancy looking and smart brushes in their dressing tables. Also with so many kinds of designs like small or long handles, round or flat handles or variedly colored handles. All these make using these brushes a playful activity. You can try and select new designs as per your convenience and way of application. People with long or short fingers would like to select tools which can easily fit in their hand and do not hamper the mobility while applying the cosmetic.

The handles could be made of plastic or wood. Cheap to very high end qualities are available in both varieties and selection depending on the user’s taste. With brushes, fiber made or synthetic varieties are available. Makeup tools are an accessory for your makeup box. Select them wisely but at the same time you should not shy away from trying new types of brushes.

Author profile
Naomi Andrews is a skin care expert from Hawaii. She has had her practical training by working in a number of spas and medical spa centers since then. In 2005, she opened up a medical spa on Maui and ran that for 3 years. Then, she shifted to Maui based beauty clinic and school, as the lead esthetician. She has gained training for many acne treatments, facials, chemical peels and many other skin care and cosmetic procedures and treatments. Through her professional carrier, she has come across and worked with a lot of wonderful products like Obagi, Kinerase, iS Clinical, Clarisonic, Lierac Paris, La Roche Posay and many others.