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Skin Care Products > Articles > Helpful Hints to Reduce Summer Acne

Helpful Hints to Reduce Summer Acne

Posted On: - 2011-06-13 10:30:56

Hints to reduce summer acne

While summer is the time of year for us to look forward to some fun in the sun, what we don’t want is acne breakouts brought on by the warm weather. These acne flare-ups can be managed with a slight variation in your skincare routine.

Although these little changes may take some getting used to, they are well worth it.

Wherever you vacation or live, humidity is always a factor. Heat has the tendency to trigger sebaceous gland production which produces oil. Oily skin is the main reason for acne.

Trouble spots normally occur in the following areas:
• Around the mouth area
• Forehead
• Nose
• Chest
• Back

Acne tends to gravitate to large pores, such as the nose.

One of the best things you can do is to wash your face with a mild cleanser both morning and night. This can help reduce oily skin. If facial oil begins to peak during the midday hours, it may be a good idea to add in an afternoon facial wash.

Be careful not to over dry your skin. If this happens, scale back those cleansing times.

A number of skin care professionals also recommend a clay mask which has the ability to absorb oil. Others say to leave a facial cleanser on the skin for 5 to 10 seconds before removing it.

Some skin care manufactures also offer a skin cleansing system which helps to eliminate breakouts while keeping the skin hydrated. This type of combination is ideal.

Sweating during the summer months is really common either at the beach or taking a swing at the golf course. Remember that sweat can irritate and flare up acne. If perspiration creeps up on you it should be washed off.

In addition to the above information, here are some other helpful hints to add onto the list:
• Implement a nighttime skin care regimen which includes complete makeup removal
• Use a mild cleanser and/or non-soap cleanser
• Purchase cosmetics which are not oil-based and lean more towards mineral and/or water-based makeup

And when you are outside, don’t forget to put on your sunscreen. If you’re prone to acne, find sunscreen that is oil-free and noncomedogenic – it is the perfect solution.