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Skin Care Products > Articles > Tips To Moisturize During The Winter Months

Tips To Moisturize During The Winter Months

Posted On: - 2011-12-05 09:59:46

When itís cold outside people tend to notice how dry their skin can become and the change in temperatures from the cool outdoors to toasty heated rooms can really up the ante for skin dryness.

But thereís different ways to work around these challenges so skin can look and feel good during the wintertime.

Here are some tips to get through the frosty season.

Although a hot bath or shower may seem like the perfect thing to do to warm up, it actually is a bad choice. Hot water can remove skin moisture especially during the wintertime. And every drop of moisture counts. So, the best temperature to keep it at is warm.

After a bath or shower, pat skin gently but leave it a bit damp for a body moisturizer application. Now remember, a body moisturizer is to never be used on the face or neck because it will be too harsh.

Body moisturizers can be found in:
- Butters
- Creams
- Oils
- Ointments

A great product on the market with wonderful hydrating and nourishing properties is Pure Fiji. Their sublime fragrances range from coconut, pineapple, and more. Their formulas come in butters and lotions. For the wintertime, though, itís a good idea to go with body butters.

When applying a moisturizer over the whole body, donít forget to include the feet and toes. Those spots are in need of hydration, too.

Great ingredients in body moisturizers may include:

- Aloe Vera
- Cocoa Butter
- Coconut Oil
- Jojoba oil
- Murumuru Butter
- Nut Extracts
- Shea Butter

Now, if extra dryness is noticed, it may be a good idea to exfoliate about once a week in between those moisturizing treatments. Again, Pure Fiji has a wonderful Coconut Sugar Rub.

Make certain the scrub chosen exfoliates gently. Look for essential oils and gentle extracts to nourish the skin. Exfoliating will get the skin prepared for better moisturizer penetration.

For the face, look for a product that not only hydrates but also offers antioxidant benefits to fight free radicals. Revaleskin Intense Recovery Treatment falls under this category because it does moisturize severely dry skin while offering it a boost of nourishment from its Coffee Berry ingredient.

Find peptide products that promote the stop of trans-epidermal water loss otherwise known as TEWL. Other great facial formulas are:
- Ceramides
- Liposomes
- Pro-Niacin
- Sodium Hyalurnate

Aside from adding moisture back into the skin, also look for benefits such as lessening fine lines and wrinkles, reducing redness, and even out skin tone. A moisturizer that can do more than one thing is definitely a keeper.

Although this last tip is not a moisturizer it is well worth the mention. Find a hydrating facial mist to quench skin thirst any time of the day. Generally, these bottles are small and can fit easily into a handbag. Top formulas are myrrh, chamomile, olive leaf extract and grape seed extract.

With these wintertime tips, skin will have a host of possibilities for supple and soft skin even through chilliest of times.