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Skin Care Products > Articles > Best Hand Lotions For Winter

Best Hand Lotions For Winter

Posted On: - 2011-12-05 10:27:49

As many know, the cold weather causes hands to dry out, and in many cases, become cracked. Oftentimes, itís uncomfortable and can become painful.

To avoid winter looking hands, here are two great hand creams that are ultra-moisturizing and are considered by many as ďmust-havesĒ for the best lotions out there.

One is named Olivella Hand Cream. The first word really is an ingredient giveaway: this product is made with virgin olive oil. Although itís made from 100 percent olive oil, itís not greasy and really is featherweight. It penetrates into the skin to repair and nourish wintertime damage. Users of this product claim that Olivella Hand Cream has comforted and soothed their irritated hands. While this hand lotion does a fine job at hydrating, itís also infused with vitamins A and E for antioxidant protection.

Dermatologist tested, this product can be used as often as needed.

Another great hand cream is Repair Mains by Lierac. It not only is a great moisturizer, but it also firms the skin. Some consumers say their fingernails have grown stronger and are split-free. Considered an anti aging lotion, Repair Mains truly restores dry hands into soft and supple ones in the wintertime, and really, any time of year.

Itís also important to add that wearing gloves in cold weather is a wise choice, too.

These two great hand lotions will expertly address dry skin issues leaving hands looking younger during the chilliest of seasons.