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Skin Care Products > Articles > Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted On: - 2012-01-06 10:12:48

The clock is ticking. Postponing that holiday shopping spree may be forcing people into thinking of some last minute Christmas gift ideas. If those presents under the tree are for a woman, a great thing to unwrap is a gift for beautiful skin.

Most women love skin care devices when it comes to opening up Christmas presents. There’s an incredible array of these items to promote a luminous glow. And more than likely, the below gift ideas are something she has already thought about buying but hasn’t gotten around to making the purchase yet.

These gift ideas are only a click away at Skin Care Heaven based in San Diego. In the full swing of Christmas spirit, Skin Care Heaven has some impressive holiday deals. So, instead of muscling through the crowded malls for a last minute gift find, this e-commerce store will have the beauty goods and ship them for free.

NuFACE® Trinity Device:

For under $300, this newest at-home device is a unique gift which offers amazing micro current facial toning. FDA approved, it rejuvenates muscles under the skin to lessen fine lines and wrinkles. In less than 5 minutes per day, NuFACE® Trinity gently takes years off and reveals smoother and younger looking skin.

Users are seeing improvements such as:

- Tighter skin - Defined cheekbones and jaw line - Brow area toned and lifted

Along with the NewFACE® Trinity Device and micro current head, the system also includes a gel primer, charging cradle, manual and tip cards.

Sonic Skin Cleansing System:

A sonic skin cleansing system gives a beautiful afterglow that every woman yearns for. It’s like having a body spa treatment at home. Sonic cleansing units range from $70 to $175. Most come with different attachment heads for the face and body. A great sonic cleansing system sloughs off dead skin cells and prepares the skin for product penetration, too. It’s a wonderful anti-aging tool and promotes youthful skin.

If she loves color, then she’ll love the Clarisonic Mia that comes in pink, turquoise and lavender.

Sonic skin cleansing systems do the following:

- Lessens wrinkles and fine lines - Reduces pores - Improves skin tone - Leaves skin supple and soft - Exfoliates and cleanses the body and face

Microdermabrasion Treatments:

It’s true that you can find at-home microdermabrasion treatments for under $50 at some places, but they just don’t deliver what they promise. A good unit like The Personal Microderm will cost around $180. It’s like the old adage says, “You get what you pay for.” In this system, aluminum oxide crystals are used just like the ones in professional healthcare offices.

This type of gift for her will improve the following:

- Fine lines and wrinkles - Skin texture - Pore size - Pigmentation correction - Acne

LightStim Professional Anti-Aging Light Treatment:

LED light therapy is getting a lot of nods these days when it comes to treating signs of premature aging and acne. A FDA approved and quality device will cost around $300. For example, LightStim Professional Anti-Aging Light Treatment uses LED light therapy and is FDA cleared. Its combination of red, amber, and infrared LED light promotes collagen and elastin which has been clinically proven to restore skin to a younger looking state.

These exquisite gift ideas will keep her looking and feeling beautiful – after all, she's worth it.