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Skin Care Products > Articles > Eating Your Way To More Beautiful Skin

Eating Your Way To More Beautiful Skin

Posted On: - 2012-03-16 10:27:14

As we all know, a skin care regimen for both morning and night is essential to keep skin youthful and beautiful. But what many tend to forget is that their diet is just as important as any topical treatment.

What we eat coupled with the skin care regimen we use daily will defy age with our bodies from the inside and out.

Before diving into the key points, it is interesting to point out that green tea has a host of benefits. Drinking it is great for the body and skin, and some cutting-edge skin care lines, are also using green tea extracts as a topical treatment. An example of this is a Carlsbad-based e-commerce business with its line, Skin Care Heaven. They offer a Green Tea Soothing Serum or a Green Tea Soothing Cream. High in antioxidants, both have received major kudos for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and pore size.

And when it is time to buy fruits and vegetables, do take advantage of all the amazing Farmer Markets we have around town. Items sold are fresh, and more often than not, organic.

Research has revealed that a high glycemic diet can cause premature aging. A high glycemic diet is packed with simple carbohydrates that boost sugar levels in the body. An easy way to target these foods is their white base coloring. Foods that are in this high glycemic list include:

White baked potato

White rice (including instant white rice)


White bread with wheat flour




Rice cake



MSG laden foods can actually cause puffiness in the face especially around the eyes and upper cheeks. Also, it is important to lower sugar intake, as well.

The good foods that promote beautiful skin includes healthy and tasty savories such as:


Raw nuts

Extra virgin olive oil

Fresh fruits and vegetables






These foods will keep skin young and luminous -- feeling good on the inside means looking good on the outside.