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Skin Care Products > Articles > All About Eye Make-up

All About Eye Make-up

Posted On: - 2008-09-26 00:52:07

Your eyes are the most alluring part of your face! Enhancing the eyes are all that your need to make your face look more beautiful.

But with so many of eye make up products, it gets a little confusing. Here are some tips to acheive the perfect look with  eye liners, mascara, or eye shades. Trasnsform your eyes into startling eyes that make your face glow!

Eye Shadow
Eye shadows are available in a variety of forms like powders, creams, gels and liquid solutions  ..and in a mulititude of colors. Here are some ways to find which one is right for your eyes:

• Powder eye shadows are the most popular ones because of ease of use and a wide range of shades available. They look radiant on all skin types and are the best for people with oily skin. You can even dab on some shimmering shades to get a sparkling effect. In fact some deeply pigmented eye shades can even be used as eyeliner.

• Cream eye shadows give the eyes a shimmery look. They are easy to apply and great for evenings. A great choice for people with dry or combination skin. But make sure you choose an eye shadow that is smudge proof and is able to stay on long. It is recommended to apply a little powder eye shadow prior to the application of cream eye shadows.

• Eye shadow colors are something to be considered carefully because the slightest mistake would mean spoiling the entire look. For a natural look, choose colors that complement your natural skin tone and softly contrast your eye color. For evenings and nights outs you can experiment with different shades the match your clothing for a more dramatic effect.

• Size and Shape of Eyes is an important consideration that you should make while choosing the color of eye shadows is the shape and size of your eyes. Small or deep set eyes will look brighter with light shades if applied over the upper eye lid and extended on to the brow bone. For large eyes, deep colors work best.

Eye Liner
Eye liners are a vital part of eye make up. Just by lining your eyes, you can sharpen the features of your eyes and make them come alive. Eye liners, like eye shadows are available in a variety of forms- pencils, liquids, powder eye shades, gels, creams etc.

Liquid eye liners are the oldest form. It is a smooth cosmetic paint that can instantly brighten up your eyes with a dramatic effect. Make sure you choose a water proof and smudge proof liquid eye liner.

Pencil eye liners are a perhaps the most favorite of the lot. Not only is it very easy to apply but you can also get a smooth  flawless line. Try a gel/pencil combination eye liner for expert eye results.

Mascara is what is needed by your lashes to make them appear longer and pronounced. And that by itself can create a toal natural beautiful look. You can choose from a variety of mascaras that have different propertiesand results. Lengthening mascara is available to make your lashes appear longer and extended. Lash thickener  literally double the thickness of your lashes. Moreover, by using curling mascara you can enhance the natural curl of your eye lashes.

By Skin Care Heaven Make-up Consultant & Personal Care Editor