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Skin Care Products > Articles > Getting Over Wrinkle Woes

Getting Over Wrinkle Woes

Posted On: - 2008-10-01 00:40:01

Wrinkles are just a natural consequence of age. But often it happens that they appear well before their due time courtesy of improper skin care or total neglect altogether. Appearance of wrinkles are by itself a grave concern to many and when they appear way before they should, warning bells should also ring.

There are hordes of skin care products available in the market that claim to reduce and even completely erase wrinkles altogether. Though their claims have to be tested to be believed and their efficiency can be enhanced only when used properly. And to use skin care products efficiently, you need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge about your skin condition and what can be done to rectify the situation. Here are certain factors that cause the skin to form wrinkles and what can be done to prevent their appearance.

Major Causes of Wrinkles

Breaking of Collagen Fibers
Wrinkles develop and increase with age. As we age and grow old, the collagen fibers in our skin break down and the skin layer becomes increasingly thinner. And as it becomes thinner, it becomes less and less able to retain moisture within. Due to lack of moisture the skin becomes dry and saggy and wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear on the surface. Moreover, when the collagen fibers deteriorate, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes more rigid.

Thinning of the Subcutaneous Layer
Also, the subcutaneous layer that lies beneath the dermis becomes fragile and is not able to bear the brunt of the dermis and epidermis for long. When all these events converge and maximize over time, the skin begins to lose its natural sheen and exhibits wrinkles and fine lines.

UVA/B Radiations of the Sunlight
Another factor that leads to premature aging of the skin is excessive exposure to sunlight. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet radiations that penetrate the skin surface and aid in rapid deterioration of collagen fibers, thus thinning the epidermis and stimulating free radicals present there. As a result, the skin develops wrinkles early.

Common Treatments for Wrinkles
The skin care industry offers several anti aging skin care products that prevent the undue appearance of wrinkles and sometimes prolong their natural appearance too. Here are some very popular treatments available for the same:

Vitamin A acid or tretinoin as it is commonly labeled is a very popular ingredient used in anti aging skincare products and wrinkle lift creams. Apart from it, there are also several alpha-hydroxy acids and other antioxidants that go in their formulation.

There are also available a number of peels and microdermabrasions that help resist wrinkles from appearing on the skin. Salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid are some of the common ingredients that go in their making. Microdermabrasions also scrape dead cells off the skin and smooth the skins texture.

Wrinkle Prevention
Prevention is always better than a cure. So, even if there are anti aging skincare products ready to be picked over the shelf, the best treatment would still be to prevent the wrinkles from appearing altogether.

Here are some steps to do that:

• Use a sunscreen that protects you from the ultraviolet radiations of sunlight. Apart from taking into consideration the SPF count of the product also look out for ingredients like ecamsule, titanium dioxide and avobenzone.

• Quit smoking. Cigarette smoking actually accelerates the aging process of the skin and makes wrinkles and fine lines to appear more steadily.

• Keep your skin well moisturized. Moisturizers not only maintain the hydration level of the skin but also boost the production of collagen fibers.

By Skin Care Heaven Make-up Consultant & Personal Care Editor