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Skin Care Products > Articles > What The Best Anti Aging Ingredients Really Do

What The Best Anti Aging Ingredients Really Do

Posted On: - 2012-04-20 11:03:30

In the world of skin care, many people know the names of ingredients, but do not totally understand how they work. Anti-aging products, especially, have a flurry of formulas which do some rather amazing things.

Below is a rundown of the most popular ones coupled with what they do for the skin.

It is also important to note that over-the-counter products are less potent than its prescription counterpart.

Another tool worth its weight in gold is having a skin care professional to help lead the way to more beautiful skin. Skin Care Heaven, a medical day spa and e-commerce store in Carlsbad offers anti aging clinical products to help unveil more beautiful skin. Their skin care professionals are on hand to answer questions in person, by phone or e-mail.

When it comes to anti aging prevention, the best place to start with is vitamin A. It is an offshoot is retinol and tretinoin. Retinol helps with fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues. But the truth of the matter is that tretinoin does a much better job.

Tretinoin is found in Renova and Retin-A.

Many anti aging product users have heard the term hydroxy hundreds of times. There are two types of hydroxy: alpha and beta

Alpha-hydroxy acid comes in a variety of different names such as citric acid, glycolic acid, and tartaric.

People reach for alpha-hydroxy acid because its ingredients harness the reduction of fine lines, age spots, and other hyper-pigmentation issues.

Alpha-hydroxy acid has been known to cause minor irritation especially for those who have sensitive skin. So, start off with a lower percentage and use it every other day to build up a tolerance. Wearing sunscreen is super important with an alpha-hydroxy treatment.

Beta-hydroxy acid is more commonly called salicylic acid and is an ideal choice for those who have premature signs of aging.

Sensitive skin users like beta-hydroxy better than alpha-hydroxy because it is easier on the skin.

Beta-hydroxy has the following benefits:

Clears up acne

Creates even pigmentation

Exfoliates skin

Provides smoother skin

Women who are pregnant, nursing or have an allergic reaction to aspirin should contact their healthcare provider before adding beta-hydroxy to their daily routine.

Vitamin C, a great antioxidant, is designed to boost collagen production for younger looking skin. It also helps fight off wrinkles.

Another potent collagen creator is copper peptide. It enhances elastin production and renews the skin. Copper peptide has also been reported to:

Firm slack skin

Soften skin

Smooth out fine lines

For years, hydroquinone has been the cream of choice to fade freckles and age spots.

Like other powerful antioxidants, alpha-lipoic acid offers its own anti aging technology. Reports show how it restores damaged skin and wards off free radical damage. While it treats fine lines, users claim their skin appears more renewed.

Although there are more anti aging ingredients out there, this list is just the beginning to defy aging skin.