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Skin Care Products > Articles > A Fantastic Acne Treatment Product

A Fantastic Acne Treatment Product

Posted On: - 2012-05-08 11:57:30

Over time, LED light therapy to treat acne has become more effective as manufactures hone in on the science of it all. In fact, the right type of light therapy is considered as an additional tool for the acne treatment arsenal.

Just like any system regimen, all LED Light Therapy is not the same.

Since people look for convenience, finding the right device is really important. LightStim Hand-Held Light took this into consideration and has provided consumers a way to incorporate it into their at-home daily skin care routine. When combined with other systems, LED Light takes effective acne treatments to a whole new level.

A skin care device, LightStim Hand-Held Light can be found at Skin Care Heaven in Carlsbad. And by the way, all deliveries are free.

In a FDA clinical study, users of LightStim revealed a marked improvement with their acne in eight weeks. Generally, treatment was 5 times per week, 5 minutes a day, for twice a day.

The device is being called a great skin care implementation to both heal and prevent acne. The combination of blue, red, and infrared wavelengths is the reason behind its success. Several benefits for this device include:

Calm redness and inflammation brought on by acne

Clinically demonstrated to destroy acne bacteria named, propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes)

Decreases pore size

Helps heal acne scars

Recommended by health care professionals

Treats blackheads

The system is also working for those with really sensitive skin.

Without getting too technical, here is how the different lights work to clear up blemishes.

Blue Light Therapy: as the sebaceous glands get hit with the blue light, it stirs up porphyrins, the microscopic compounds nestled within acne bacteria. Porphyrins destroy bacteria.

Red Light Therapy: lessens acne inflammation, irritation and promotes healing.

Infrared Light Therapy: this emits light energy deeply into the skin. Once it meets P. acnes, it is soaked up by the porphyin molecule and the bacteria dissolves.

As mentioned earlier, LightStim Hand-Held Light Therapy should be used as an adjunct to current acne treatments for the best results. This system really could not have arrived at a more perfect time.