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Skin Care Products > Articles > Tips For Oily Skin

Tips For Oily Skin

Posted On: - 2012-06-04 13:46:25

Many can attest to the fact that dealing with oily skin on a daily basis is a hassle. Just a few hours after a facial wash, oil can actually begin to reappear again. Like any skin care challenge, this can be dealt with some changes in a daily routine.

Normal oil production has wonderful hydrating properties for the skin. But too much oil can cause issues such as acne breakouts.

Above all, the first step to dealing with oily issues is facial cleansing. This must be done at least twice a day. Please find a cleanser suited to deal with this particular skin type. A favorite contains botanical extracts to combat oily skin. Professionals like how it regulates oil production without drying out the skin.

Another top ingredient is salicylic acid which is a perfect choice for acne issues.

Orange peel has also been incorporated into cleansers to refresh oily skin, while licorice extract has calming properties.

While the goal for a cleanser is to remove oil, please remember that totally drying out the skin is not part of that goal. Please find moderation in this beauty routine.

The second part of any cleansing regimen is using a toner. While it balances the pH of the skin after a wash, it also is a great tool to soak up excess oil.

Toners also come in a host of other different types of names such as:



Clarifying lotion

Cleansing water

Toning lotion

If a busy life makes it impossible to cleanse the face more than twice a day, then blotting paper may be the perfect alternative. The goal of blotting paper gets rid of oil and leaves the skin with a shine-free appearance.

Blotting paper can be found in the following types:


Organic flax seed

Rice Paper

Users of blotting paper are really enjoying the natural organic flax seed choice because it can be used as frequently as needed and is highly absorbent. The small size also makes it very discreet.

When it comes to moisturizers and sunscreen, those with oily skin tend to shy away from these products. But please don’t do this. They are both so important in a skin care regimen.

The science of skin care has created these products in oil-free formulas. For example, some wonderful oil-free moisturizers have revolutionary ingredients such as green tea extract, and vitamins such as A, C, and E.

Oil-free sunscreens are sheer, go on like silk, and protect the skin from sun damage.

It is important to remember that those with oily skin can still use products which deliver a potent dose of nourishing ingredients that clear the skin while offering a luminous appearance.