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Skin Care Products > Articles > A Gentle Product To Even Out Skin Tone

A Gentle Product To Even Out Skin Tone

Posted On: - 2012-06-08 12:04:47

RevaleSkin Illuminesse Brightening Complex is the perfect answer for people who are sensitive to hydroquinone compounds. Yes, hydroquinone has been the answer to help erase the sun damage that age spots and freckles bring, but some people out there cannot tolerate it.

Now, there is a wonderful hydroquinone alternative. And Skin Care Heaven carries it.

Sensitive skin people have now been reaching out for RevaleSkin Coffeeberry Illuminesse Brightening Complex. A plant-based antioxidant, the coffeeberry formula gently but powerfully evens out skin tone, reduces freckles and age spots, and restores a youthful glow.

RevaleSkin Illuminesse Brightening Complex delivers its promise. It brightens the complexion while its powerful antioxidant properties even out pigment issues and protects skin from future environmental and UV damage.

Its rich ingredients are coffeeberry, pomegranate, and bilberry. This antioxidant team fights free radical damage. After eight weeks, users agree that their skin reveals a brighter skin tone which takes years off their face.

The coffeeberry extract has also been noted to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Some professionals believe this extract is regenerating the skin.

Skin care professionals recommend this product be used either once or twice a day. If used during the day, they suggest wearing it underneath sunscreen for maximum results. This way, it acts as a barrier to reduce free environmental damage like sun and pollution.

Over 98 percent natural, the RevaleSkin Illuminesse Brightening Complex is both hydroquinone and kojic acid-free. For sensitive skin people, RevaleSkin has been a true welcome in their daily beauty regimen.