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Skin Care Products > Articles > How To Get Rid Of Summer Freckles

How To Get Rid Of Summer Freckles

Posted On: - 2012-06-11 11:27:49

The days of summer are here and people may notice more freckles in the mirror than they had before. It is normal. Single or in clusters, these freckles happen with each passing summer due to sun overexposure.

And if one has fair skin, they are bound to have more.

Freckles can also be referred to as sun spots. Both are a result of skin damage. These blemishes can be spotted on the face, shoulders, legs, and topside of hands.

One popular method to help eliminate freckles is a chemical peel. For peace of mind, please make sure it is performed at a medical spa or clinical office.

Also, a series of microdermabrasions may require a few sessions to lessen freckles, but it will offer no downtime as compared to a chemical peel.

One of the best products out there that fades freckles is hydroquinone. Its power ranges from regular to prescription strength. Hydroquinone improves skin texture at the cellular level while promoting an even skin tone.

For those sensitive to hydroquinone, Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce skin care product store based in Carlsbad, recently added Revaleskin Coffeeberry Illuminesse Brightening Complex to their inventory. It is a great hydroquinone alternative. This plant-based antioxidant goldmine evens out skin tone, reduces freckles and age spots, while offering an overall youthful glow.

Another formula to even out skin tone is tretinoin cream. Yes, this cream also helps those with acne, but it also works great for freckles, too.

What causes freckles and age spots is melanin production. And these products suppress it. Generally it takes about 8 to 12 weeks to see those positive results.

But remember, if you stop using these treatments, the blemishes may reappear. So, users really have to be proactive.

In addition to coffeeberry, others products to consider for those with sensitive skin are licorice extract, kojic acid and azelaic acid.

At the tail end of summer, it is a better time than any to tackle those freckles. Also, do not forget to use a broad spectrum sunscreen when outdoors to prevent those freckles from reappearing and new ones from popping up.