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Skin Care Products > Articles > Understanding Skin Types

Understanding Skin Types

Posted On: - 2012-06-18 11:33:33

Skin care products can only work its magic when it is applied to the right skin type it was meant for in the first place. Understanding the type of skin type you have is the starting point in finding the perfect beauty regimen.

As many notice throughout the year, skin care needs may change with the seasons. For example, in the winter, more hydration may be required as compared to other months.

With a flurry of beauty care products lining the shelves, it can be a tedious task deciding which one is the right choice.

At Skin Care Heaven, we have all those right products for every skin type.

While having a skin care professional is important, it is also good to have some knowledge to determine if you have dry, oily, normal, combination or sensitive skin types.

Here is a really simple test which can help with this. In fact, professionals recommend this be done every four to six months.

After washing the face with a gentle cleanser such as a glycerin-based soap, wait an hour for a complete mirror analysis. When face to face with it, be mindful that the room is well lit or even bring a handheld mirror outside during the day hours.

If skin feels tight or is rough, dry skin may be to blame. Those with dry skin rarely ever experience acne, but they have to work hard in the anti aging world to fight off fine lines and wrinkles.

Those with dry skin agree that after applying a moisturizer, skin feels a whole lot better. Dry skin types generally need more moisturizers in the winter months especially if they are into winter sports, such as snowboarding or skiing.

If skin appears a bit shiny an hour after a washing, chances are its oily skin. Those with oily skin often battle acne breakouts, have oil buildup by the early afternoon hours, and have an acne flare up if a thick moisturizer is used.

A normal skin type will always feel and look smooth as silk. The tone for a person with normal skin has even pigmentation and usually experiences acne during the hormonal times of the month. Generally, moisturizers do not have a negative effect on normal skin.

Those with a combination skin type have just that. Their forehead and nose tends to accumulate oil, while other parts of the face are dry. This oily area is often referred to as the T Zone. This area often battles acne.

Many women out there also fall under the group of sensitive skin. Following the use of particular beauty products, they may experience mild rashes, itchiness, red patches, and an overall sensitive feeling. Hypo allergenic products are typically the rule of thumb for sensitive skin people.

No matter what skin type a person has, it can be dealt with by picking proper daytime and nighttime skin care products. And finding the right cosmetics is super important, too.