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Skin Care Products > Articles > Skin Care Heaven Debuts Natural And Paraben-Free Skin Care Line

Skin Care Heaven Debuts Natural And Paraben-Free Skin Care Line

Posted On: - 2012-08-24 12:30:21

A growing number of people are seeking quality paraben free skin care products. The paraben controversy has prompted skin care manufacturers to create products without this questionable preservative.

DermaEarth, a new skin care line headquartered in San Diego, is being described as the next generation of skin care products because it is made without parabens, sulfates, added colors or fragrances.

DermaEarth is results focused and naturally inspired skin care. It boasts an array of exceptional benefits for all skin types.

And this weekend, Skin Care Heaven, a leading online skin care Carlsbad store offering the finest products, has added this exciting new line to its cyberspace shelves.

DermaEarth is attractive for a variety of reasons, said Steven Stern founder of Skin Care Heaven, their prescription technology formulations really offer the highest therapeutic levels of lab natural peptides.

For Stern, DermaEarth is raised to a whole new level because it is made in America and its packaging is 100 percent recyclable.

During a time of being environmentally conscious it is important to have awareness for future generations, Stern said.

The DermaEarth products being released include DermaEarth SugarBerry Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, DermaEarth EnLighten Cell Brightening Serum, and DermaEarth Peptidal Cell Activating Serum.

Gentle enough to use twice a day, DermaEarth SugarBerry Skin Resurfacing Cleanser offers a sublime aroma of sweet sugar cane extract while it works hard to clean, refine and purify all skin types.

DermaEarth EnLighten Cell Brightening Serum reduces sun and age spots while successfully restoring even skin tone. Advanced lab natural peptides and chirally resolved skin brightener and illuminator, suppresses the melanin which creates discoloration while it stops future hyperpigmentation in its tracks.

The DermaEarth Peptidal Cell Activating Serum, being hailed by skin care professionals as a Botulinum toxin inspired action topical product, produces a unique formula blend which delivers unparallel synergy and cell activating ingredients. The results are pure skin restoration.

Above all, DermaEarth excludes suspect chemical and natural ingredients like hydroquinone, kojic acid and arbutin.

This unique skin care line offers a combination of beauty, health and wellness.

And this is just the beginning. Additional high quality products are in the DermaEarth pipeline.

Stern said DermEarth is paving the way to elevate skin health and radiance through natural skin science.