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Skin Care Products > Articles > A great product for sonic skin cleansing

A great product for sonic skin cleansing

Posted On: - 2012-09-07 12:13:48

Sonic skin cleansing is the best way to achieve cleaner and softer skin. And the Clarisonic Skin Care System is by far the leading product out there.

This sonic system can do so much more than a washcloth. In fact, it is twice as effective. The interchangeable brushes on a Clarisonic system gets right down to the pores and removes oil and dirt while it exfoliates.

The different types of Clarisonic brushes include:


Delicate skin


Sensitive skin

Spot therapy

The ultimate success of a sonic machine has to do with its brushes. They swing back and forth and move at about 30 actions every 60 seconds. With this kind of action, it is no wonder people get a deep, gentle cleaning.

Skin cleansing is the first step to great skincare and that will never change. Without a clean canvas, skincare products will be ineffective so a Clarisonic skin care system can lead the way.

Often used by dermatologists and well known spas, the Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing System and Spot Therapy Kit is available to everyone. It is like having a personal spa at home. While the product comes in three professional level speeds, it is still mild enough for effective cleansing of the face, neck, chest, and arms. Many describe the system as a soothing experience.

For those who want their Clarisonic system on the go, then look no further than the Clarisonic Mia. It is the ideal travel size. Although more compact than Clarisonic PLUS, this one still offers the same level of premiere skin care advantages.

A handful of Clarisonic kudos is the following:

Cleans pores and reduces pore size

Deep cleansing

Easy to use

Gentle on skin

Improves skin texture and surface

Lessens oily areas on the face

Reduces dry patches

Reduces fine lines

Clarisonic users have found the body and spot therapy brushes to be fantastic for total body exfoliation. In fact, many have used Clarisonic before a sunless self tanning treatment to achieve an even tone body color and to avoid blotchy spots.

The spot therapy brush is a perfect addition because in can hone in on areas like the elbows and knees that may need more attention.

There are endless benefits to a sonic skin cleansing system. Loyal Clarisonic users agree that for just minutes a day they now have the best skin they ever dreamed of.