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Skin Care Products > Articles > DermaEarth garners a special breast cancer survivor review

DermaEarth garners a special breast cancer survivor review

Posted On: - 2012-10-11 12:54:14

The new and savvy generation of skincare created by DermaEarth in San Diego has captured great reviews since it hit the market recently.

Being that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this recent product review stood out above the rest.

A breast cancer survivor, who lives in San Diego County, has been in search of a paraben-free skin care line and is thrilled that DermaEarth is delivering amazing results.

There are many women who have had breast cancer, including myself, who prefer to stay away from products with paraben in them, said T. McGreen. After looking high and low for a quality paraben free skin care line, she said, I discovered DermaEarth was made in the same county I live in.

McGreen went on to say that she was immediately hooked with DermaEarth, particularly, with its Enlighten Cell Brightening Serum.

She pointed out that she was looking for something to even out her skin tone and decrease the brown spots she had on her face. Within a month, I noticed less spots and my skin looked clearer than ever, McGreen said.

DermaEarth company spokesperson said they were very pleased with the feedback from McGreen.

The spokesperson added their client received such great results because their products utilize a combination of high performing lab natural peptides and natural ingredients that are formulated with Rx grade technology.

Our lines are also chirally resolved, which optimize the benefits of the ingredient while minimizing any unwanted side effects, said the spokesperson. He continued, we really went the extra mile in our research making sure our products were free of suspect skin care ingredients such as hydroquinone, kojic Acid and arbutin.

The spokesperson also wanted people to know that its company founders, who have been in the skin care business for years, were frustrated with natural skin care without the science backing it.

They wanted to change that natural skin care perception. And they did.

We wanted to bring powerful and effective products to the market using scientific, natural ingredients which were backed by clinical results, he said. We have introduced peptides in skin care, so now natural products are truly surpassing the results of older chemical formulations in more ways than one.

Receiving positive product feedback, especially from those undergoing or have undergone the breast cancer fight, is truly rewarding for this family-owned business.

Our company is really honored to offer high quality products for those who are conscious about health and wellness and we are delighted to be giving them that peace of mind, especially for women who have been touched by breast cancer, he said.

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