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Skin Care Products > Articles > Tips to Moisturize the Whole Body

Tips to Moisturize the Whole Body

Posted On: - 2012-10-12 13:09:39

When someone regularly moisturizes their body from head to toe their skin looks softer and younger looking. And that is a fact. Adding it to a daily skincare regimen really is necessary.

Skin dehydrates for a number of reasons like aging, low humidity, perfume, and of course, sun exposure. Sun exposure literally zaps away skin moisture.

Other causes for dry skin may also include:

Hot baths and showers



A hot bath is such a welcome after stressful day, but not many know how it can dreadfully dry out the skin. Professionals recommend that people reduce their water temperature for a bath or shower to warm.

And when shopping for soap, find one that has moisturizing properties in it. Straight soap is a dehydrating magnet.

After bathing, leave skin slightly damp after patting it off with a towel. Before the skin completely dries, rub in a moisturizer like Pure Fiji Hydrating Pineapple body lotion. The sublime aroma quickly absorbs while nourishing the skin. The coconut oils and nut extracts does wonders for the skin.

Another Fiji favorite is Pure Fiji Coconut Body Butter and is best described as a super moisturizing cream. It is a pure product because its ingredients are locally harvested. This body butter gives the skin a silky sensation. And like the pineapple lotion, the fragrance is just fantastic. Surprisingly, Pure Fiji soaks into the skin really fast.

Depending on the skin type and advice from a skin care professional, choices of body moisturizers can range from creams, lotions oils, ointments, and butters.

A good moisturizer adds water back into the skin. This penetration keeps skin soft and benefits areas that are constantly exposed to the sun.

Also on the market are anti-aging body lotions. A favorite is ZO Skin Health ORASER Body Emulsion. This ZO skin care product locks in moisture and firms the skin. What makes it different than the others is its retinol ingredient which reduces the signs of fine lines. It is also a cut above the rest with its glucosamine formula that evens out skin tone and lactic acid which helps remove dead skin.

Users of ZO Skin Health ORASER Body Emulsion find a change in their skin thickness and suppleness.

It is important to mention that body moisturizers are meant only for the body. They are too harsh on facial skin. The face is more sensitive and requires a different formula.

Professionals recommend a moisturizer application both morning and night to obtain luscious looking skin.