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Skin Care Products > Articles > Adult Acne Myths

Adult Acne Myths

Posted On: - 2012-10-25 12:08:46

No matter how much information is out there about adult acne, there still remains a swirl of adult acne myths. However, hearing a repeated one tends to put it on top of a factual pedestal. Below are a few popular myths to knock off if they pop up in conversation.

Chocolate And Soda Causes Acne

According to dermatologists, the diet controversy is still ongoing. The chocolate and soda myth has never been officially proven. Although researched, caffeine, which is usually in soda has not been found to cause acne. Like anything, eat and drink in moderation for your overall health.

Adult Acne Is Identical To Teenage Acne

This is a false. Adult acne can start in the 20s and stretch out to their 50s. Unlike teenage acne which is a combination of whiteheads and blackheads sprinkled on the entire face, adult acne is generally restricted to red blemishes near the mouth.

Sunscreen Fuels Adult Acne

Just like finding the right makeup and cosmetic line, the same holds true for sunscreen. If adult acne remains a concern, the rule of thumb is to use a zinc oxide or titanium dioxide based sunscreen. These ingredients physically obstruct ultraviolet radiation.

Adult Acne Will Go Away If Left Untreated

For some, this is not true. If acne remains the same for more than a week or worsens, then chances are intervention might be needed. Scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist is a good idea since they can prescribe the right treatment regimen for the breakout.

It Is Fine To Pop And Scrub Adult Acne

These measures are never good for either adult or teenage acne. Scrubbing or squeezing at a pimple to release liquid pressure is a bad idea. These picking habits can cause permanent scarring. Walk away from that temptation.