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Skin Care Products > Articles > Nourishing the skin with healthy and effective skin care products

Nourishing the skin with healthy and effective skin care products

Posted On: - 2012-11-06 09:53:26

For years, people have sought after natural skin care, but many, have been disappointed by the lackluster improvements. What has been missing is the blend of natural skin care with results. New advancements in research have given us a new understanding and range of ingredients that now can actually surpass older, chemical formulations.

DermaEarth, based in San Diego, listened to this wish list and recently launched the future generation of skincare.

With DermaEarth, natural skin care is now taken seriously because it is backed by science and the results are seen. For this family-owned company, natural skin care must have efficacy and safety in mind. And they would not settle for less.

Clients love our product line because we utilize a combination of high performing lab natural peptides and natural ingredients that are formulated with Rx grade technology, said the spokesperson at DermaEarth.

In the skin care industry for years, the founders were frustrated that previous natural skin care manufactures dismissed new advancements in science.

DermaEarth is now considered a leader of scientific, natural skin care while achieving a perfect harmony.

The researchers at DermaEarth discovered how to bring powerful and effective products to the market using scientific, natural ingredients. Above all, the products acquired clinical results.

We utilize lab natural peptides, newly discovered natural peptide boosting ingredients, and multiple peptide combinations in skin care, so now natural products are truly surpassing the results of older chemical formulations in more ways than one, the spokesperson said.

Thoughtful about the wellness of others, the founders of DermaEarth immersed themselves in research to create and provide the safest skin care line. Part of their analysis, was reading current FDA literature on the safest skin care ingredients.

The spokesperson added, we really went the extra mile in our research making sure our products were paraben-free and also free of suspect skin care ingredients such as hydroquinone, kojic acid and arbutin. Natural always does not mean safe. For instance both kojic acid and arbutin are natural ingredients.

They handpicked skin healthy ingredients. This was an important mission, considering how it is the largest organ on the body and absorbs any topical products which are applied.

For DermaEarth, to feed the skin chemical toxins just did not make sense. Using natural products that are clinically proven to be safe and effective is the optimum choice for the health and wellness of your skin.

Consumers have demanded healthy food choices for a long time now, and finally, DermaEarth is giving them healthy skin choices with proven results.