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Skin Care Products > Articles > A New Year With Healthy Skin Care Choices

A New Year With Healthy Skin Care Choices

Posted On: - 2013-01-23 20:11:52

While many are in full swing pursuing their New Year Resolutions, this is a better time than any to reflect on the use of skin care products. As many are eating healthier foods and exercising more, the need for healthier and more natural skin care remains at an all time high.

The old perception of how natural skin care products just do not work has been tossed to the wayside.

An innovative and savvy skin care manufacturer in San Diego County has created a blend of natural ingredients which is actually surpassing chemical formulas. DermaEarth, a results-driven skin care line, it is backed by science and clinical results.

DermaEarth, based in Encintas, launched the future generation of skin care last year.

In 2012, clients really embraced our product line and we are so excited to continue this momentum in the New Year, said the spokesperson. She continued, what makes DermaEarth so unique is how we utilize a combination of high performing lab natural peptides and natural ingredients that are formulated with Rx grade technology.

And DermaEarth is paraben-free.

The founders of DermaEarth decided to create this incredible skin care line because so many new advancements in science to promote younger and healthier looking skin were being ignored and we wanted to create a superior blend of ingredients that was good for our skin and our bodies.

Skin care professionals are calling DermaEarth the leader of scientific, natural skin care.

The researchers at DermaEarth also went the extra mile in terms of safety, leaving out any suspect skin care ingredients such hydroquinone, kojic acid and arbutin.

We handpicked skin healthy ingredients because it just does not make sense to feed our body chemical toxins, said the spokesperson. The skin is the largest organ on the body and absorbs topical products so they wanted to be safe their mission.

In 2013, everyone can have a young, luminous glow with healthy skin care choices.

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