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Skin Care Products > Articles > Expert Tips For Spring Travel Skin Care

Expert Tips For Spring Travel Skin Care

Posted On: - 2013-04-21 12:47:33

Keeping on track with skin care goals can be a challenge when traveling. Not only is sticking to a routine a challenge, but if air travel is part of the getaway, the rules for carry on items can make things more difficult.

Skin Care Heaven, a leading online skin care store and research center based in San Diego offered some tips can make this task a breeze.

Spring travel is a season where we do not want to lose sight of our skin care regimen because it is recovering from the wintertime damage of dehydrated skin, the spokesperson at Skin Care Heaven said. She added, there are core products that we do not want to skimp out on so we can keep our skin healthy and looking great while we are away.

Travel skin care sets, the spokesperson said, are a great choice because most meet the carry on TSA requirement of 3.4 ounces or less.

And travel skin care sets really give you the opportunity to try a new skin care regimen for a fraction of the cost, she said.

On the flipside, if someone already likes the current products they are using, they can pack the following must haves:

* Soap-free cleanser

* Moisturizer

* Broad spectrum sunscreen

* Lip balm with SPF protection

* A duo body and hand lotion

* Nighttime treatment(s)

If the above products come in larger than 3.4 ounces than you need to figure out if you want to transfer a portion in travel containers for your carry on or just put them in your checked in luggage, she said. Many choose to put these skin care essentials in their carry on just in case their luggage gets lost.

For longer flights, the spokesperson said, it is best to keep the lip balm, moisturizer and lotion on hand since these air travel times can be skin dehydrator moments. If you already have dry skin, you will want to keep on top of it by hydrating while in flight, she said.

Since flight regulations may regularly change, the best rule of thumb is to visit the TSA website.

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