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Skin Care Products > Articles > Best summer tips and products for acne prone and oily skin

Best summer tips and products for acne prone and oily skin

Posted On: - 2013-07-29 11:46:36

During the summer months, those with oily skin may need to change up their skin care routine to balance out their skin challenges. Summer heat has the tendency clog pores, and along with sweating, this can cause a recipe for acne. Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce skin care store and skin research center, offered up some tips on how those with oily skin can get through the summer months with ease.

“By combining the right products and the right lifestyle changes, oily skin issues during the summertime can be dealt with,” said the spokesperson at Skin Care Heaven. “In fact, it will become second nature and easy to do even when you are on summer vacation.”

The lifestyle tips include:

1. Rinsing sweat off your face as soon as possible – yet try to minimize facial washing to two times per day

2. Not rubbing your face vigorously during a wash and avoid using alcohol ingredient cleansers

3. Try shading your head with a hat when outdoors to avoid facial sweating

4. Avoid facial touching, because each time this area is touched, oil and dirt are building up which promotes acne

In addition to daily habits, Skin Care Heaven also voted on the top products for oily and acne prone skin during the summer months which are:

Vivite Glylcare Clarifying Lotion: great moisturizer for oily and acne prone skin

Obagi CLENZIderm MD System: a prescription-strength anti-acne system with cleanser, pore treatment and lotion, this revolutionary three-step benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid treatment system is ideal to get control over acne prone skin

Dermalogica Clean Start Wash Off: also part of a system, this gentle foam cleanser helps clear acne and prevents future pimples – it offers soothing ingredients for delicate skin

EltaMD Skincare UV CLEAR SPF 46: an award-winning lightweight oil-free and noncomedogenic sunscreen for acne and oily skin which leaves no residue

“These simple skin care lifestyle changes can make a world of difference,” said the spokesperson. “The science behind skin care has made it possible to have more gorgeous skin during the warmest summer months.”

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