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Skin Care Products > Articles > The best skin care steps for fall and wintertime

The best skin care steps for fall and wintertime

Posted On: - 2013-11-23 09:13:04

This is the time of year when addressing those skin care needs is more important than ever. Cold temperatures can dehydrate skin which means fine lines can cause skin to look as if it has prematurely aged.

“The holiday season is filled with so much hustle and bustle, we tend to skip some skin care regimen steps,” said the spokesperson from Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce store based in San Diego.

Here are some helpful tips from Skin Care Heaven to ensure a gorgeous and radiant complexion during the cold months.

Cleansers: When in search for a cleanser, find one that does not have soap ingredients as to avoid further dehydration. Clean skin with circular motions to help wash way impurities.

Moisturize: While cold weather dehydrates, adding moisture back into the skin is vital. Quality moisturizers will prevent dryness and add luminosity.

Anti-aging Revitalization: These products help reverse aging by adding moisture, lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and evening out skin tone.

Protection: Although winter days may have a blanket of clouds, sunscreen is needed to ward off further solar damage to the skin. A broad spectrum sunscreen is best.

These fall and winter skin care guidelines will make skin glow over the holiday season.

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