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Skin Care Products > Articles > The best ways to get rid of stretch marks

The best ways to get rid of stretch marks

Posted On: - 2014-03-27 13:24:54

While spring is here and clothing will be revealing more skin, that means many might be trying to conceal those stretch marks or finding a way to get rid of them all together.

Stretch marks commonly appear on areas such as the belly, thighs, upper arms, hips.

“While stretch marks may be hereditary, ultimately, it is caused by a breakdown in the dermis,” said a spokesperson for Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce store and skin research center based in Carlsbad. “These whitish blemishes can be mild to more visually severe.”

What users tend to try first is a topical.

While many tout promises, there is one European product which has proven to be quite effective in lessening the appearance of stretch marks called Lierac Phytolastil Gel. It offers a bio-element formula rich in ivy, horsetail, and alchemlia to offer a fibro-blast synthesis which dissipates the blemishes at a clinical level.

If a topical is something a user is interested in, other active ingredients to look for are alpha hydroxy acid and vitamins A, C, and E.

Other tips to help fade away stretch marks include:

• Laser treatments

• Chemical peels

• Keeping a healthy weight

• Drinking water and staying hydrated

• A diet rich in natural zinc

• Exfoliating the body

• Exercising regularly, such as walking

Remember, there’s not just one treatment out there to help with stretch marks. There are many to help make your skin look youthful and luminous.

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