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Skin Care Products > Articles > Top 40s Skin Care Tips

Top 40s Skin Care Tips

Posted On: - 2014-05-06 10:02:01

When people enter their forties, they may begin to see changes in their skin which they didn’t have before. Depending on a person’s unprotected sun exposure, diet and lifestyle, and skin care regimen, these changes can vary from one person to the next.

“Even with women and men who have a strict skin care routine, they are bound to see some signs of premature aging,” said a spokesperson for Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce store and skin research center based in San Diego. “While this is normal, what it really means is that it’s time to consider switching some of those products which target rejuvenation around the eyes, forehead, and around the mouth – the first areas to undergo skin aging.”

Signs of premature facial skin aging include the following:

• Fine lines

• Dehydration

• Rough patches

• Age spots

• Slack skin

• Large pores

Here are the best tips to ward off future skin damage while helping to reverse current premature damage.

Sunscreen: The leading cause of premature skin aging is sun overexposure. Find a high quality sunscreen with at least a SPF 30. Like second nature, apply it every single day.

Exfoliate: After using a soap-free cleanser, be sure to exfoliate those dead skin cells to reveal more youthful skin. Products vary in terms of how often to exfoliate. This skin care process should be done a few times a week.

Retinol: This ingredient has been and continues to be clinically proven to reverse sun damage.

“Another great piece of advice is when finding an anti-aging skin care product, be sure it does more than just one thing,” said the spokesperson. “For example, while a facial cleanser removes makeup, dirt, and oil, it may also have exfoliating and hydrating properties. Find the skin care product which offers the most optimum results.”

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