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Skin Care Products > Articles > The A-B-C's Of Skin Care

The A-B-C's Of Skin Care

Posted On: - 2008-11-11 22:20:11

We all have special skin care routines that suit every season. But what people fail to realize is that great skin care begins with the same essential steps.

Healthy skin with a natural glow can be achieved with a simple daily skin care routine. The whole process takes only about 5 minutes and consists of 4 easy steps. Remember, for a skin care routine to be effective and produce outstanding results, you must choose quality skin care products.

Skin Care Step 1: Steaming
Water is very essential for healthy skin and can be supplied in many forms. For instance, Steam can be just as effective for moisturizing skin as drinking a glass of water.

Just before you get ready to sleep, take a minute and do something to better your skin. Thoroughly cleanse the surface of your skin to remove all dirt and bacteria. Then use a facial steamer or towel soaked in warm water, wring it lightly and bring it close to your face. Steam your face for about 2 minutes.

Steam opens up all the skin pores and removes all the debris and residues from the skin and gives a natural glowing complexion.

Skin Care Step 2: Cleansing
Steaming the skin causes the pores to open up. While the pores are open, splash some warm water on your face and neck. Next, using an adequate amount of skin cleanse, massage this onto your face for about 5 minutes or so in a circular motion using your fingertips. You can also use a soft complexion brush to massage in the cleanser. After this, rinse off with some more water and dry your face and neck with a towel.

Make sure you use a cleanser that is especially formulated to cleanse your skin rather than a mild daily soap. And always avoid the delicate skin around your eyes.

Skin Care Step 3: Toning
Take a piece of cotton and add an ample amount of toner. Gently wipe your face and neck in a circular motion. This process removes any residues that may have been left behind by the cleansing process and to closes down the skin’s pores. Once the pores are sealed, your face is ready for moisturizing.

Remember to make sure that the toner you use is free of alcohol; otherwise it may cause the further unnecessary dry skin. Alcohol free toners gently tone the skin and leave behind a squeaky clean look.

Skin Care Step 4: Moisturizing
Use a small amount of moisturizer and dab in onto your face in an upward circular motion. Remember not to over apply your moisturizer, as this may lead to oiliness and leave your skin looking shiny. For your moisturizer to work efficiently, your skin must be clean and devoid of any open pores or debris. A good moisturizer conditions the skin and enhances it complexion.

Dr. Marilynn Syrett graduated from Western University of Health Sciences. She has written many articles about the use and effectiveness of skin care products in addition to topics like acne care, anti aging skin care and sun tanning.