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Skin Care Products > Articles > Get Dazzling Flawless Skin With Obagi Nu Derm Clear 3

Get Dazzling Flawless Skin With Obagi Nu Derm Clear 3

Posted On: - 2008-11-27 22:25:47

Do you ever look into the mirror and see different uneven pigmentation, age spots, liver spots, or too many freckles? You don’t have to be resigned to the thought that it’s a natural consequence of aging?

You no longer need to fear fury! Obagi’s unique formulation, Obagi Nu Derm Clear 3 corrects uneven skin tone, eliminates pigmentation issues and age spots and gives you flawless skin that glows with radiance!

Obagi Nu Derm Clear 3 is a bleaching and correcting cream that aims to even out skin tone and remove discoloration and pigmentation thus reducing dark spots and age spots. Its vital ingredient, 4% hydroquinone hampers the melanin production in the skin and thereby preventing dark spots and age spots from being prominent. Moreover, the glycerin content counters the drying effects of hydroquinone and maintains skin moisture. It also contains a small amount of lactic acid that softens proteins and stimulates the production of new skin cells.

What makes Obagi Nu Derm Clear 3 different from other skin care products is the 4% hydroquinone that gets rid of blemishes and dark spots from their roots for smooth and clear skin. Without actually chemically bleaching the skin, it just stops melanin activity and reduces the darkness of blemished areas! This sets it apart from other over the counter products!

The best point however is that unlike other lightening solutions, Obagi Clear does not require continued use. You do need to apply it religiously for it to work, but once you achieved desired results, you can reduce the application amount and/or frequency! And results once achieved stay for a very long time

Regular bleaching solutions end up lightening your whole face. They make all the present shades a tint lighter and that sometimes results in dark spots becoming all the more prominent. On the contrary, Obagi Clear identifies blemished areas and works to set them right. Its active ingredients bleach the spots just enough to hinder melanin activity without disrupting the natural flow of other tissues. This ensures even skin tone and a flawless complexion.

What’s more…? You can go light on your make up when Obagi Clear becomes a part of your skin care routine.

All you need to do is apply Obagi Clear every 3 days and wait and watch radiant flawless skin come your way. Suitable for all skin types, you don’t need to worry about it reacting with your skin or causing irritation in most cases.

However, in the face of all these glories, just a word of caution that needs to be maintained.
• Make sure to protect your skin from the sun using proper sun protection.
• Pregnant women, nursing mothers or those who plan on becoming pregnant should not use this product

Obagi Nu Derm Clear 3 has got rave reviews from users and is a best selling skin care product across beauty counters. Because it is suitable for all skin types and very easy to use, it finds place in the beauty closets of beauty addicts as well new followers of skin care regimens.

Dr. Marilynn Syrett graduated from Western University of Health Sciences. She has a passion towards researching the use and effectiveness of skin care products and acne skin treatments and has reviewed several Obagi products.