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Skin Care Products > Articles > Where Do We Begin The Quest For Youth?

Where Do We Begin The Quest For Youth?

Posted On: - 2008-12-11 23:15:01

Public obsession with aging gracefully or rather aging without exhibiting any signs of aging has driven the market for anti-aging skin care products. There are plenty of skin creams and lotions screaming for your attention and all with claims of getting back youthful skin or at the most preserving it as it is.

What about maintaing the beautiful skin that you have. Replenishing the skin to its moe youthful appearance?.

But then how do you choose the best products for you? Something that will actually stand up to all the claims and really work to reduce aging signs intrinsically! Do not get carried away by tempting marketing messages and showy endorsements. Instead analyze all the pros and cons and make a wise choice.

Here are some tips to do the same:

Do buy skin care where you buy shoes….
Cost of a product is not an indication of its quality. You may step up to a departmentstore counter and pay more then w2hat you would pay for medical grade skin care. Often times this is a matter of marketiking vs. science.
Go to your dermatologists or plastic surgeon to learn about skin care. They are shown the products with good science to back up results.

Attractive Marketing
Just because a particular product comes in sassy packaging and is endorsed by a beautiful superstar doesn’t mean that it will be as effective for you as it claims to be. Most companies invest more on advertising than on the products themselves. Learn to see beyond the marketing ploys and judge if the product is really worth it or not. Instead of being taken away by the words of the ad campaign, do some research at your end. For example, browse through the internet, look at the reviews on blogs and forums and make a sane choice.

Avoid Products that contain Collagen
We all know that aging skin is a cause of breakdown in the collagen production of the body. However, that does not mean that topical supply of collagen molecules can balance the receding levels underneath. Many anti aging skin care products claim to contain collagen molecules that help replace lost collagen within the skin cells. But collagen molecules are themselves too large to penetrate the skin surface and can only disguise wrinkles and facial lines. The skin quality has no effect whatsoever.

Choose products that aim to stimulate your body to produce collagen, this is a much more grounded claim. You can try using iS Clinical Youth Complex that boosts the production of collagen and elastin fibers within the skin cells and help diminish wrinkles and facial lines in addition to other recommended products. .

Enhance the Effectiveness of Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Your skin care products will perform more efficiently if you are an active participant, The following are some suggestions….

• Keep your skin clean. Wash you face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. Make sure to remove all the make-up before you sleep.
• Don’t smoke or consume alcohol excessively as they contribute to skin damage. Also cut down on your caffeine intake.
• Eat a balanced diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated.
• Use anti aging products as directed by your physician or skin care provider. Most products do not show effective results because you fail to use them according to recommended use..

Dr Marilynn Syrett is a graduate from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific. She has written several articles about acne skin care and anti aging skin care in addition to addressing topics of eye care.