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Skin Care Products > Articles > Skin Care Products - What's Better Among Equals?

Skin Care Products - What's Better Among Equals?

Posted On: - 2008-12-26 02:15:17

The market abounds with a variety of skin care products tailored to match the specific requirements of all the skin on your body. Whether it’s the fine skin on your face or the more fragile skin near the eye contours, there are skin care products that cater to all the areas.

This often leads to confusion among people whether to really purchase skin care products designed for particular areas or to just use one general product for the whole face and body.

Let us understand the specific purposes and uses of different varieties of skin care products.

Face Lotions & Body Lotions
Ever wondered why there are face lotions and then different body lotions? This is because the skin on your face is very different from the skin on the rest of your body. Facial skin is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on other parts of the body. Therefore face lotions are especially formulated to suit the delicate facial skin. Moreover, they contain better quality and more expensive ingredients in face lotions

On the other hand, body lotions contain harsher chemicals as compared to those used in face lotions. This is because the skin on your body is tougher and thicker and can handle much more chemicals.

Though body lotions should not be used on the face, there is no problem using face lotions on the body. However, face lotions are more expensive than body lotions and so would cost you more. Therefore, it is best to restrict the use of face lotions for your face and use body lotions elsewhere.

Night Creams & Day Creams
Night creams are usually thick and creamy which tends to make the skin oilier during the day. moreover, they contain certain anti aging ingredients like Retinol that break down on exposure to sunlight and cease to be effective. All these properties make them unsuitable to be worn during the day time

Moreover, day creams are light weight and often contain SPF ingredients. Wearing day creams during the night may cause skin irritation and the SPF particles may lead acne breakouts.

There are no potential risks of wearing day creams at night and night creams during the day. however, it is bets to separate the two because of the above mentioned reasons.

Eye Make Up Removers & Face Make Up Removers
Just like the skin on your face is more delicate than that of your body, the eye contours have very fragile skin as compared to the rest of the face. Eye make up removers are especially formulated to cater to the gentle skin around the eyes and are safe to use there.

Face make up removers on the other hand, doesn’t specifically cater to eye areas and are just for removing make up off the face. Moreover, it’s not very advisable to use eye make up removers over the face as they contain certain oils that tend to clog skin pores.

Eye Creams & Face Creams
They have the same distinction as make up removers. Eye make removers are especially formulate for the gentle eye contours and lack the harsher chemicals that can be endured by skin on the face. Eye creams work to reduce dark circles and hydrate the fragile skin around the eyes.

Face creams are general moisturizing creams that just work to prevent skin dryness. Though there re no grave risks of using them on eye contours, its better to use eye cream that cater to the fragility of the skin there.

Men Skin Care Products & Women Skin Care Products
Until recent past, the few skin care products men used were borrowed or ‘stolen’ from women’s cabinets. However, with the rise of metrosexualism, men have become increasingly aware of their skin care needs and that has caused an uproar of men’s skin care products in the beauty industry.

Though there is no harm in using one for the other, both segments of products are designed to cater the specific needs to each gender. Men’s skin is more thick and coarse than that of women. Therefore it requires more intensive treatment. Men’s skin care products contain harsher chemicals and ingredients that are able to penetrate their thick skin surface and perform efficiently. These same products may well be a little too strong for women’s skin. likewise, skin care products designed for women may fail to show effective results for men’s skin.

Dr. Marilynn Syrett is a graduate from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific and researches about various facial skin care and skin treatments apart from several newly launched skin care products products.