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Skin Care Products > Articles > Skin Care Products Not Showing Results - Are You Applying Them Correctly?

Skin Care Products Not Showing Results - Are You Applying Them Correctly?

Posted On: - 2008-12-26 02:17:05

There is no shortage of skin care products in the market, and all of them literally claiming to revamp your skin and make you look beautiful. An amazing amount of creams and lotions that promise to rectify any skin situation and eliminate all signs of aging and skin damage.

However, often you don’t get expected results. Even if you research the most suitable skin care product for your skin and use them consistently, you are often left wondering if they did anything at all.

But have you ever wondered why skin care products work well on some people and not as well on the others? Leaving the margin for the skin’s ability to heal, how you actually use your skin care products makes a big difference on its performance. Your personal application habits can actually influence their efficiency.

You need to know how to apply skin care products correctly so you can actually give the products a fair chance to perform.

Keep Clean - A good skin care regimen dictates washing the face twice a day. However, not many make sure their hands are clean before they begin washing their face. Dirty hands do not clean the face. Therefore, before you wash your face, make sure you wash your hands first with soap water. Cleaning your face with dirty hands makes no sense at all because the cleansing will just be a contact process for bacteria to spread.

Avoid Soap - Soap is ideal for washing your body. However, since your facial skin is much thinner than that of your body, it requires milder treatment. Instead of using soaps, use a mild face wash to wash your face every morning and night. Lather up and massage in an upwards movement.

Clean the Neck Area as well - The most common mistake people make is slathering their face with skin care products and completely forgetting about the neck area. Do not forget to include your neck when washing.

Use Lukewarm Water -The water with which you rinse your face should neither be too hot nor be too cold. Just keep the temperature lukewarm to cleane dirt and bacteria. You can however splash your face with some cold water when you are done washing your face.

Pat Dry - Never rub your face with a towel. It strips moisture and thwarts skin cells. After you have washed your face, gently pat dry with a soft towel so that the water is absorbed into the cloth. It is very important to let water particles get absorbed by the skin as well and patting dry makes sure this happens.

Cotton Balls - While cleansing your face with cleansers and applying toner thereafter, make sure you use 100 % cotton balls rather than cosmetic ones. Make sure you swipe the balls in an upward motion.

Eye Creams -Eye creams are concentrated solutions especially formulated for the fragile eye contours. Use them very carefully and sparingly. Dab the cream below the lower eye lid and above the cheek bones. Apply it all over the eye area but make sure you don't dab it too close to your eyelid. Eyelids are thin and porous and the cream, if applied there, can easily seep into your eyes.

If you make a habit of following all these vital steps, you will see that your skin care products are performing better.