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Skin Care Products > Articles > NeoCutis - Skin Care With PSP

NeoCutis - Skin Care With PSP

Posted On: - 2008-12-30 23:21:04

Who doesn’t want to age gracefully? And considering the advent of new-age anti aging skin care products, graceful aging can be everybody’s dream come true.

NeoCutis is an established bio-pharmaceutical company that focuses on dermatology and skin care as its main verticals of research. It offers an advanced anti-aging skin care line that contains fetal cells known as PSP that improve the appearance of aged skin and eliminate symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and crow’s feet. These products also hydrate the skin from inside and heal the damage from within.

PSP, or Processed Skin cell Proteins, is the latest breakthrough in anti-aging skin care research. It is a result of persistent research efforts and trials of skin wounds. It was discovered that cells taken from the non-scar producing stage of wound repair promoted skin growth and rejuvenation very effectively. This is because it increases mitochondrial activity in skin cells and make older cells behave like younger ones. Thus it nourishes and restores aged and sun damaged skin. This is what makes NeoCutis fare above all other anti-aging skin care products available in the market.

Here are some popular NeoCutis product picks

NeoCutis Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream
A one-stop solution for all your eye care concerns! Be it fine lines on the sides of the eye contours, dark circles under the eyes or puffiness, NeoCutis Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream will set it right within just 6 weeks. It is the best eye cream that has ever been used or recommended!

The antioxidants and caffeine ingredients of the cream take care of all of your eye problems and soothe the delicate eye contours. Moreover, it acts as an excellent base for make-up! What makes it more appealing is that even people with sensitive skin use it safely and without any problems.

NeoCutis Journee Bio-Restorative Day Cream

It’s the most amazing 4 in 1 product:

•It helps improve the appearance of aging skin with PSP
• It protects the skin against environmental stressors with anti-oxidants
• It hydrates the skin without adding oil to your skin
• It protects against the UVA/UVB rays of the sunlight with an SPF 30+

With just one skin care product, you can get four skin treatments- anti-aging, antioxidant, hydration and sun protection. Being lightweight and oil-free, it suits all skin types, especially oily skin that loves the non-greasy moisturizing feeling.

Also, there is no cosmetic in Journee. The color is a result of synthetic melanin that cancels out the white tint of the micronized zinc. Journee looks the same on all skin types and does not color the skin at all.

NeoCutis Bio-restorative Skin Cream
The first anti-aging moisturizer to have taken the skin care products industry by storm that contains PSP, a breakthrough combination of human growth factors coupled with cytokines. Bio-Restorative Skin Cream reduces the appearance of aging skin and heals sun damage. Moreover, it prepares the skin for the effects of skin treatments and enhances their results.

Dermatologists recommend this for mature skin that is dry and damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. And because of the scientific claims that back the technology, it becomes all the more reliable. By using it twice on daily basis, luminous skin is restored within just 30 days. Also there is remarkable reduction in the wrinkles and fine lines.

NeoCutis Bio-Restorative Hydrogel
The first ever hydrating gel that contains the unique PSP technology! This bio-restorative gel is an oil free anti-aging skin care product and works very well for oily skin and for people who follow multiple steps in their skin care regimen.

This is the wonder product for people battling aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines at the same time suffering from acne inflammations and oily skin. Bio-Restorative Hydrogel is best used twice a day or as a night treatment when used with NeoCutis Journee through the day.

NeoCutis skin care products are best known for their anti-aging properties and efficient results. People who use the products and the results they exhibit just reinstate the claims of the company!

Dr. Marilynn Syrett is a renowned skin care expert and has authored numerous articles about skin care issues and concerns. She has also reviews several high end products from Remergent and NeoCutis. She has affiliations with The Collaborative on Health and the Environment and the Teleosis Institute – Health Professionals in Service of the Global Environment