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Skin Care Products > Articles > Skin Care Resolutions For The New Year!

Skin Care Resolutions For The New Year!

Posted On: - 2009-01-14 22:16:02

Come New Year and along comes a renewed spirit to start fresh and make new resolutions! And there is no better time to vow to take better care of your skin and embrace a new and improved ‘you’ in the new year. Here are some popular skin care resolutions that you can include on your chart.

Throw Away Old Skin Care Products
Skin care products come with an expiration date and if you continue to use them well past that date, it will show on your face. You shouldn’t use skin care products that are past their shelf lives. This is because once the product is opened and exposed to air; your fingers and germs contaminate it and promote bacterial infestation. Though skin care products contain added preservatives, it is not possible to preserve them beyond their expiration date. That’s why they are there.

Therefore, at the beginning of this year check the expiration dates of your skin care products and Throw them away. Begin the New Year with a new stack of products!

Wash Your Face At Least Twice a Day
During the course of the day, your skin accumulates dirt and debris from the environment and also excess oil residues find their place on the skin. This is especially true at night. Therefore, it is important to keep your skin clean.

This new year, resolve to wash your face with a good cleanser twice a day- once in the morning and once at night. The morning wash will rid you of all the excess oil particles accumulated at night and the night wash will make sure that all the dirt particles and make-up residues are removed before you go to bed.

People with oily skin should use a light oil-free cleanser like Obagi Nu Dem Foaming Gel while people with dry skin can use a moisturizing cleanser like Obagi C Cleansing Gel that contains Vitamin C.

Adopt A Good Skin Care Regimen
If you are serious about your skin care, then you should have a skin care regimen. And the New Year might be the best time to adopt a new skin care regimen that caters to the specific needs and requirements of your skin. You can start with a regular cleanser-toner-moisturizer regimen and move on to anti-aging skin care or acne skin care to match your needs.

The Obagi Nu-Derm Condition and Enhance System make for an excellent skin care regimen. It comes in a Normal to Oily or Normal to Dry Kit. The kit contains:

• Obagi Foaming Gel
• Obagi Toner
• Obagi Clear (2 Full size tubes)
• Obagi Exfoderm (for normal to Dry) or Exfoderm Forte (For Normal to Oily)
• Obagi Blender
• Obagi Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35

The System nurtures the skin and provides it with all requisite ingredients for a healthy glow. With regular use, it also provides anti-aging benefits like the reduction of facial wrinkles and fine lines.

Use Sunscreen Daily, Year-Round
Contrary to popular belief, sunscreens are supposed to be used throughout the year including even in winter and on cloudy days. This is because even though the sun may not be as harsh as in summer, your skin is still susceptible to the harmful UV radiations of the sun. Sunscreens shield the skin against these radiations and protect it from sun damage.

So, if you have been saving your sunscreen only for the sunny days, its time you made amends in the New Year. Make sure you wear it daily before your venture outdside.

In fact, use creamy sunscreens in the winter month like Obagi C-Sunguard SPF 30. evening addition to protecting your skin form the sun now, it has anti-aging benefits as well. You can also use iS Clinical SPF 25 Treatment Sunscreen. It provides broad spectrum protection against the sun and also heals sun damage like sunburn and soreness form the sun. Or you can try the iS Clinical SPF 20 Powder Sunscreen, a revolutionary powder sunscreen that you can just brush on your face. It’s easy to use and makes using sunscreen a breeze.

Don’t Pop Your Pimples
You pop your pimples to get out the pus. But what you actually end up doing is pushing the bacteria deeper inside and thus aggravating the infection. This explains the subsequent inflammation that can leave behind scars.

No matter how hard it is, resist the temptation of popping your pimples and rather use your fingers to apply a good anti-acne product there.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Marilynn Syrett is a Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific graduate. She has authored several articles about the use and effectiveness of skin care products like Obagi Nu Derm Clear 3, Obagi Condition and Enhance System and iS Clinical Super Serum.