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Skin Care Products > Articles > How To Deal With Adult Acne

How To Deal With Adult Acne

Posted On: - 2009-05-08 00:13:16

Adult acne is a major skin concern among many women. It gets more embarrassing because you don't have adolescence as an excuse and you still have to deal with the unsightly blemishes and inflammations on your skin. However, with the right kind of skin care routine you can not only prevent, but also treat adult acne.

Causes of Adult Acne

Adult acne is a lot like teenage acne. However, it is more serious and stubborn. Here are some potential causes of adult acne

Hormonal fluctuations
Women encounter severe hormonal breakouts during their periods or during menopause. This can trigger acne inflammations and blemishes on the skin.

Bacterial Accumulation
In due course, dead skin cells, dirt, excess oil particles and make-up residues get accumulated within the skin pores. This leads to bacterial infestation and gives rise to acne.

Women, especially those with oily skin are more prone to acne in the summer months. This is because high humidity and sweat worsens the acne inflammations.

Treatment Ingredients for Acne
Fortunately, there are a variety of skin care ingredients that help target the root cause of acne and treat it effectively. Here are some popular and effective acne-fighting ingredients.

Salicylic Acid
This is a beta hydroxy acid that is derived from the bark of the White Willow. It has intensive exfoliating and antiseptic properties that prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells which helps keep the skin smooth.

Benzoyl Peroxide
This is a natural antiseptic that has antibacterial properties to it. It exfoliates the skin and dries up excessive oil and sebum. However, women with extremely sensitive skin should avoid Benzoyl Peroxide lest it becomes too drying.

Glycolic Acid
It helps to flush toxins from the skin pores and reduce excess oil and sebum particles. It prevents bacterial accumulation within the follicles and this prevents acne.

It is a deep cleansing agent that helps to eliminate bacteria, absorb excess oil and loosen the accumulated dead skin cells.

Skin Care Regimen for Adult Acne
Adult acne can be effectively treated if you follow a good anti-acne skin care regimen. Here are some basic steps of the regimen.

Be Consistent with your Acne Care Products
When you use acne care products, you need to give them enough time to perform and show results. Avoid changing skin care products frequently. Rather follow the new acne sin care regimen diligently for several weeks or months and give your skin enough time to respond.

Keep your Skin Clean
The first and foremost step in preventing and treating acne is to keep your skin clean. Cleanse your skin twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, with an acne fighting cleanser. Use lukewarm water to wash your face so that the skin pores are opened up and use cold water to rinse so the pores become closed again after the cleansing process.

Scrub Off Dead Skin Cells
Use a good exfoliator to scrub off dead skin cells from the skin surface. This will encourage the growth of fresh new healthy skin cells from underneath and further help minimize the appearance of acne scars. Moreover, when you eliminate dead skin cells, you prevent them from getting accumulated in the skin pores and thus control acne.

Product Suggestions
Nia 24 Physical Cleansing Scrub – It removes dead skin cells from the skin surface and calms and hydrates them. It contains Pro-Niasomes that wash away visible imperfections caused by the sun and aging.

Moisturize Effectively
As we age, the skin tends to become drier. Therefore, it is extremely important to moisturize your skin effectively and keep it well hydrated. Even if your skin is oily, use a lightweight oil-free moisturizer that hydrates the skin without making it very greasy. Moreover, acne care products tend to increase the skin susceptibility to sun damage. So, use a moisturizer that contains SPF as well.

Product Suggestions

La Roche Posay
Anthelios SX – It is a non-greasy moisturizer that also doubles up as a sunscreen. It moisturizes the skin intensively and protects it against a broad spectrum of sun radiations including UVA and UVB rays.

Use a Spot Treatment
Spot treatments are especially effective against stubborn pimples and acne blemishes. Just apply them directly on the blemishes and they will shrink in due time.

Product Suggestions
Obagi Tretinoin Cream (.025%, .05% and .1%) - Obagi Tretinoin Cream is a derivative of Vitamin A and the active ingredient in Retin-A. It is used to treat acne and stimulates cell turnover. It also helps with scaly skin problems and has anti-aging benefits as well.