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Skin Care Products > Articles > Green Tea Extracts: A Unique Skin Care Ingredient!

Green Tea Extracts: A Unique Skin Care Ingredient!

Posted On: - 2009-07-10 03:14:35

Green tea extracts are one of the most unique and specialized ingredients to be used in skin care products. It is a potent antioxidant and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, as an antioxidant, it is about 20 times more effective than Vitamin C. moreover, it provides superior protection against damage caused by free radicals.

It is extremely important to prevent the damage caused by free radicals in order to protect the skin against sunlight. And skin care products containing green tea extract help to prevent any skin damage caused by free radicals. In fact, they can also help prevent skin cancer when applied before sun exposure or along with sunscreen.

Active Ingredients of Green Tea

Green tea has 3 prime active ingredients that help to heal and nourish the skin. They are:

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Flavanols serve to decrease the sensitivity of the skin towards UV radiations of the sunlight. Moreover, they increase the subcutaneous blood flow and improve the skin texture by increasing density and thickness of the skin.

Polyphenols absorb the UV radiations of sunlight and further decreases the skin sensitivity towards UV light. They also eliminate the reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are formed during photo-oxidation and protect the skin against any damage.

EGCG is a potent antioxidant that is 25 to 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C and A. It provides superior sun protection by shielding against carcinogenesis caused by exposure to UVB rays. As a result, it prevents any DNA damage caused by the UV radiation.

Skin Care Benefits of Green Tea

Acne Treatment
Green tea extracts have proved to be an excellent acne treatment. In fact it is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide but without any irritating side effects. In spite of being a powerful anti-acneic ingredient, benzoyl peroxide can cause skin irritations like redness and burning sensation, especially on sensitive skin. But green tea doesn't have any such side effects.

Rosacea Treatment
Topical application of green tea extract-based skin care products can help with the treatment of Rosacea as well. This is because it has intensive nourishing properties that help to heal the symptoms of Rosacea.
Sun Protection

Green tea extracts also have certain sun protection properties. In fact, it is advised to combine green tea extracts with sunscreens containing zinc oxides because zinc oxide is chemically inert and will not react with green tea.

Products with Green Tea Extracts
There is an extensive range of anti aging skin care formulations that contain green tea extracts. Available in serums and lotions, they cater to all types of skin and help to enhance the overall skin quality. Here are some popular products:

Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser

It is a great cleanser suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive Skin! This gentle foaming cleanser containing Green Tea Extracts cleans the skin and soothes it. Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser cleans the skin without ripping away essential nutrients. Green Tea extract gently soothes and calms all skin types as it fights free radical damage. Citric Acid acts as a gently exfoliating antioxidant.

NIA 24 Skin Strengthening Complex
It is a superb moisturizing cream that is neither too light nor too heavy. There is a visible reduction in wrinkles and fine lines with regular use. This is because it contains potent antioxidants that enhances the barrier function of your skin and accelerates the repair process by supplying moisture.

iS Clinical Firming Complex
It contains natural fruit acids, antioxidants, and bio-nutrients to increase skin firmness to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it encourages skin regeneration at the cellular level and controls acne.

iS Clinical Poly-Vitamin Serum
It is a great serum that regenerates, hydrates and provides essential vitamins, bionutrients and antioxidants to improve many unwanted skin problems.

Dr. Marilyn Syrett is a board certified physician and nurtures a keen interest in the study and use of skin care products especially anti-aging skin care products and acne treatments. Having done her bachelor's from UC Santa Barbara in Pharmacology, she then went on to the osteopathic medical school at Western University of Health Science in Pomona and completed her residency in anesthesiology at UC Irvine Medical Center