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Skin Care Products > Articles > Secrets Of Anti Aging Skin Care Unveiled!

Secrets Of Anti Aging Skin Care Unveiled!

Posted On: - 2009-07-24 05:36:55

Aging has been a serious concern among women. As we age, our skin grows older and gives rise to the development of wrinkles and fine facial lines in addition to a number of other aging signs like sagging skin, age spots and so on. Aging is a natural process and the appearance of aging signs are inevitable. However, with appropriate precautions and care, you can delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and flaunt a flawless complexion for a long time.

How does skin grow old?
As we age, the collagen and elastin fibers within our body begin to deplete. As a result our skin loses its elasticity and becomes drier. Also the fat padding that lies beneath the skin surface starts to disappear which in turn causes the skin to sag. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear on the skin surface.

Delaying the Appearance of Aging Signs
Prevention is always better than the cure! Therefore, try to adopt good skin care practices that delay the signs of aging rather than trying to fix the damage once it has been done. Here are three anti-aging skin care secrets that will help you get a healthy and radiant complexion.

I. Nourish Your Skin from the Inside Out
What you put inside your body is as important as what you apply outside it. The condition of your skin depends a lot on what you eat and what goes inside your body. One of the best ways to prevent aging signs is to consume more raw fiber based foods. Eat uncooked foods like sprouts, nuts, beans, grains and vegetables. Raw foods provide the natural enzymes to the body which otherwise gets destroyed while cooking. These foods help to retain younger looking skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

II. Protect against Sun Exposure
Sunlight is comprised of dangerous ultraviolet radiation (UVA/UVB rays) that cause premature aging of the skin. The UVA rays of the sun penetrate deep within the skin surface and damage the underlying cells and tissues. Since they damage the collagen and elastin fibers, there levels begin to deplete and the aging process of the skin is accelerated. Therefore, it is very important to avoid unprotected sun exposure and wear a good quality sunscreen throughout the day. Use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or above and slather it all over the exposed parts of your body before you venture out. Also try and avoid excessive sun exposure between 10 am And 3 pm.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX
This is an excellent moisturizer + sunscreen. It offers full protection against sunburn and is a great moisturizer. It contains Mexoryl SX which is photostable against UVA rays so it does not breakdown and lasts longer than most sunscreens. Is is also the first sunscreen approved by the FDA!

iS Clinical SPF 20 Powder Sunscreen
This is an innovative powder sunscreen containing physical UV blockers comprising of 25% titanium dioxide and 20% zinc oxide. This special nanotechnology formulation provides sun protection against a vast spectrum of sunlight.

III. Follow a proper Skin Care Regimen

Following a diligent skin care regimen is very essential in order to ensure healthy skin that stays healthy for a long time. A basic skin care regimen should begin with cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face followed by special anti-aging treatments. Use great anti aging skin care products that work to delay the appearance of aging signs and also rectify the appearance of the ones already present. Take special care of areas around the eyes because the skin is extremely fragile there and are the first to exhibit wrinkles and fine lines.

iS Clinical Youth Complex
It is a unique anti-wrinkle formulation that provides immediate wrinkle reduction and long term improvement in the overall quality of the skin with Collagen and Elastin.

La Roche Posay Active C Day/Night Emulsion
This is a powerful moisturizer that contains active and stable Vitamin C that works on the skin to smooth texture and make your skin radiant. Active C also contains la Roche-Posay Thermal water to also protect against oxidation for a great anti-aging combination.

Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream
This is an excellent moisturizer for the sensitive eye contours that reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area delicately. It is highly emollient and acts as a great night cream for reducing the signs of aging around the eyes.

Dr. Marilyn Syrett is a renowned physician and nurtures a keen interest in skin care and the effectiveness of skin care products. She believes that every women has the right to healthy and flawless skin. She has also reviewed several products from popular brand names like Obagi, iS Clinical, Clinique Medical and so on.