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Skin Care Products > Articles > Green Tea, How It Benefits Your Skin

Green Tea, How It Benefits Your Skin

Posted On: - 2009-08-24 05:13:25

A hot cup of tea can definitely lift up your spirits and heal any ailments. But thats not where the benefits stop. Research suggests that green tea also has powerful skin care benefits. It contains potent antioxidants that prevent damage caused by free radicals along with other environmental stressors that cause harm to your skin and help you achieve a radiant flawless complexion.

Here are some of the skin care benefits of green tea.

Prevention from Free Radical Damage
Free radicals can damage the skin and cause the development of aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration and loss of elasticity. However, the antioxidant polyphenols and catechins contained in green tea can prevent this damage. Apart from drinking green tea, you can also use skin care products that contain green tea extracts to ensure you get effective benefits.

Protection from Sun Damage

The antioxidants of green tea also has potential sun protection factors. Green tea has been proven to make sunscreens more effective and heal signs of sun damage including sunburns and skin inflammation. And because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea is also effective in preventing skin cancer

Enhanced Skin Texture
Green tea's antioxidants also improves skin's elasticity and thus helps the skin to retain a smooth texture free from wrinkles and fine lines. Green tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that reduces the hormone called cortisol that is responsible for destroying collagen fibers within the skin.

Aids Cell Regeneration Process

Green tea contains a polyphenol antioxidant called epigallocatechin galleate (ECCG) that helps to prevent skin problems in new cells and treat problems in the existent older cells. Skin cells usually have a life of 28-30 days during which they move from the inner tissues towards the outer skin surface. Young skin cells are protected inside while older skin cells die and accumulate on the outer surface. ECCG accelerate the cell turnover process and help skin cells to travel from inner to outer layers much faster. It also stimulates the production of new you skin cells and re-activates the DNA of old ones. This is why green tea is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that helps skin concerns like wrinkles, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

There are variety of products in the market that contain green tea extracts and deliver their benefits. But how do you know which ones are right for you? It is also important to know whether the product really contains an effective amount of green tea and will it suit your skin type. Here are some key considerations.

Ingredient Label
– Green tea is often listed as Camellia, Chinese tea, GTE, Matsu-cha Tea or Thea viridis. Notice where green tea is listed in comparison to other ingredients of the skin care product in order to get an idea about what its concentration is. If its one of the first ingredients, then the product has high amounts of green tea but if it is towards the latter end, then you can be sure that it wont be powerful enough.

Storage – When skin care products containing green tea come in contact with air, it results in the oxidation of polyphenols. This decreases the antioxidant power of the products and thus hamper its efficiency. In order to prevent polyohenol oxidation, make sure the product lid is closed tightly and its always stored in a cool dark place.

Here are some popular products containing green tea extracts.

Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser
– This is a great cleanser for all skin types, even very sensitive skin. It is gentle and contains green tea extract to soothe the skin. The cleanser cleans the skin without ripping away essential nutrients.

NIA 24 Skin Strengthening Complex
– This is a fortified cream that reduces fine lines and wrinkles considerably and improves the barrier function of the skin. It accelerates the repair process of your skin with a constant supply of moisture. The Green Tea and Rosemary extracts restore original skin texture and protect it from skin damage.

iS Clinical Poly-Vitamin Serum
– This is a skin regenerative serum that hydrates the skin and provides it essential vitamins, bionutrients and antioxidants to improve many unwanted skin problems.

iS Clinical Firming Complex – It contains natural fruit acids,green tea extracts and bio-nutrients to increase skin firmness to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it encourages skin regeneration at the cellular level and controls acne.

Dr. Marilynn Syrett is a professional skin care expert and physician. She has a keen interest in studying the use and effectiveness of various skincare products. She has reviewed several skin care products from popular skincare brands like Obagi, IS Clinical, La Roche Posay.