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Skin Care Products > Articles > Anti Aging Tips To Help You Look Younger

Anti Aging Tips To Help You Look Younger

Posted On: - 2009-09-24 04:11:11

Aging is an irreversible process. However, with intelligent skin care and a healthy lifestyle you can delay the appearance of aging signs and flaunt a radiant and healthy complexion. Here are some tips to make you look younger.

Prevent Premature Wrinkling
You can not prevent the wrinkling process form happening but you can definitely slow it down by applying sunscreens regularly and thus protecting the skin against ultra-violet radiation. You can also use a collagen booster or wrinkle-lift formulation that helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Using skin care products that contain Hyaluronic Acid may also help. Hyaluronic Acid plumps up fine lines and makes the skin smooth and supple.

Treat Dry & Flaky Lips
Dry and flaky lips look thinner and more wrinkled than they actually are Using a moisturizing lip balm helps to restore the moisture. When your lips are sufficiently hydrated, they look smooth, even, and full. You can also consider using a healing gloss with color.

Use Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are very effective in preventing and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Using anti aging skin care products that contain AHA's help to exfoliate the dead skin cells from the skin surface to reveal the fresh new cells that lie underneath. When the new, healthy cells reach the skin surface, the skin looks smooth and more radiant. AHA's also accelerate the cell turnover ratio and provide skin with a smoother texture. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines become less noticeable.


Hydroquinone is a powerful bleaching agent that lightens age spots, blemishes and acne scars. There are a variety of skin care products that contain hydroquinone, which works by interfering with an enzyme responsible for producing melanin. Hydroquinone products are best used with prescription-strength retinoid products that help to exfoliate the skin surface.

Essential Ingredients
There are a variety of essential ingredients used in skin care products that have powerful anti-aging benefits.

It is a derivative of Vitamin A that rebuilds collagen levels in the skin tissues and helps to plump up fine lines and wrinkles.

Green Tea and Vitamin C are two of the most popular antioxidants that are used extensively in anti aging skin care products. They help to preserve the collagen contained in skin tissues and thus delay the appearance of aging signs.

They are proteins that stimulate collagen growth and thus enhance the skin elasticity and structure. They are especially useful for sensitive skin types because they don't sting or cause redness.

Retinoids are extremely effective in reducing the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. However, it often becomes tough to deal with its side effects like peeling skin and skin redness. Once you start using Retinoid based skin care products, your skin will generally build up tolerance within 6-12 weeks. Retin-A is the most common form of Retinoid. It is advisable to use a Retinoid based product at night because sun exposure can make them less effective. Start by applying a small amount. Increase the amount as and when your skin is able to handle it better.

Eye Care Products
Eye creams contain potent ingredients that help treat a variety of problems including sagging skin under the eyes, dark circles, and puffy eyes. However, this sometimes requires time. If you are looking for instant solutions you should consider using eye-make up or a product that specifically says "instant". Or you can also apply a light nude color eye shadow all the way from lashes to your brow. Then line your eyes with a gray, brown black eye shadow. You can also use a eye liner for this purpose. Finish off with a mascara. Bright and beautiful eyes take years away from your appearance.

Avoid Alcohol
Make sure you don't use skin care products that contain ingredients like SD-40 or isopropyl alcohol. They tend to irritate the skin and lead to redness,dryness and in some cases brown spots and premature aging, especially in sensitive and acne prone skin.

Avoid Over-Exfoliation
Exfoliation is an integral part of a skin care regimen that helps to takeoff dead skin cells and bring out fresh new cells from beneath. However, overdoing it may do more harm than good. You may end up damaging your healthy skin cells. Also, avoid mixing-and-matching too much. For instance, if you use an AHA based moisturizer in the morning and an exfoliating cream at night, you might end up causing inflammation in your skin.

Dr. Marilyn Syrett is a certified physician and an ardent author of articles discussing the various nuances of skin care. She has a keen interest in the study of the use and effectiveness of anti aging cosmetics along with other skin care cosmetics.