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Skin Care Products > Articles > How To Start Using New Skin Care Products?

How To Start Using New Skin Care Products?

Posted On: - 2009-10-21 00:19:07

One of the most common problems women encounter while applying new skin care products is that they often tend to break out. This is one of the major deterrents that keep women from actually trying out new skin care products even though the product might have the most compatible ingredients for our skin. However, you can not use the same products throughout your lifetime. With changing times and environment, you will have to alter your skin care regimen and opt for new skin care products as well. And therefore, we need to devise a regimen to try new products and try to ensure that our skin doesn't respond badly.

You should be extremely careful while introducing new skin care products into your regimen. This is because your skin is used to the current set or products and may react to a new additive. Here are some tips on how to migrate to new products without harming your skin.

Use on Alternate Days

Restrain your enthusiasm and start slow. Often the instructions on skin care products say that they need to be used on a daily basis for effective results. However, if the product has to deliver quick results, it will most likely contain active ingredients and may cause sensitivity or irritation on the first try. This is why it is advisable to start using new skin care products on alternate days, at least for the first week. This will give your skin time to adjust to the new product instead of being overwhelmed by it. And if you don't notice any problems in the first week, you can start using it on daily basis.

Use Only Once a Day
Most skin care products suggest that they be used twice-a-day for optimal performance. However, while using new products for the first time, it is advisable to give them time to be phased in as mentioned above. Hence, try using the new product only once a day and at night to being with. This is because the night skin care regimen is simpler and therefore it would need to adjust with fewer products. If your skin looks and feels fine after a week's use, then you can start using the product twice a day. However, do watch out for any signs of breakouts.

Start One-by-One
If you have revamped your skin care products completely and have shifted to a totally new skin care line, then you should start by introducing one new product every day. This is even more important if your new products contain active and powerful ingredients. If not used carefully, your skin can break out very easily. Also, start by using once a day as mentioned above.

Give it Time
When using new skin care products, don't expect them to show results immediately. Your skin takes time to get adjusted to the new products and moreover, the ingredients of the product would take time to penetrate your skin surface and produce visible differences. So, wait about six weeks before you pass judgment on the new products. Often it happens that they don't show any results initially but in the long run, work great.

Consider your Skin Type
Most importantly, make sure you understand your skin type while trying new skin care products. You need to be extremely careful if you have sensitive or acne prone skin or if you are experiencing any hormonal fluctuations. Don't forget to conduct a patch test before you start using the products on your face or body. Also, make sure you check the ingredients list of the product to look for anything that might not be suitable for your skin type.

Dr. Marilynn Syrett is a graduate from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific. She has authored several articles about skin care products like Anti-aging Skin Care Products, Cosmetic Skin Care Products and so on.