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Eye Make Up Gone Eeeuuuu

Posted for Eye Care & Eye Make UP On October 27, 2008


Waiting for more??

What’s with an hour of making up your eyes if people go “eeeuuuu” at a glance? Yep! Some women seem to have the perfect recipe to get it all wrong. Right from the shades to the line to the mascara…

Here are some horrible mistakes that you can suffer:

Monster Mascara
The more voluptuous my lashes, the prettier I look! It doesn’t work that way, ladies… it really doesn’t. Rather it makes you look like you have a huge tarantula stuck on your eyes. You need to understand that dabbing on piles of mascara DOESN’T look good.

Rather, invest in a good quality mascara that has lengthening effects. All you need to do is apply two coats per swipe and say hello to great looking eyes. For fuller natural looking eyelashes just blow-dry your lashes carefully!!

Un’line’ly Eye Liners
Eyeliners are not meant for lining the lower lids. Get that as straight as can be. Some women tend to substitute eyeliners for kohl. This is not done unless you are a pro of precision. And yeah, lining only the lower lashes makes you look like you’ve just been bashed up.

You should always line the top lashes of your eyes and for the bottom lashes, you should be utmost cautious. Line the rim of lower lashes with the tip of an eye pencil carefully so that they look natural.

Now this is a tricky one! Eye-shadows should be used wisely and relatively. If you are going heavy on lipsticks, keep you eye shades towards the lighter side and if you have a light shade on your lips then you can afford to put heavy eye make-up.

There you go! I’m sure with all this info, you would stay clear of all these horrible mistakes.

Apart from eye make-up something more important is good eye care.


All Good Things Come To An End Part 2

Posted for Skin Care On October 22, 2008


How are you? I’m sure you would have cleared away quite a bit of the junk in your make up kit by now (at least I hope so!).

Doesn’t it feel great?

So, here is more information about other throw-away products…


The base of all your make up. In fact the foundation has to its credit the largest area of application! So you can just imagine the extent of damage if it goes wrong. Foundation comes in different forms

Liquid foundations: They can be either oil based, for dry skin types or water based for normal skin types. Having a liquid base, they tend to be more vulnerable to bacterial growth and breeding. The right time to throw it away is when the texture becomes creamy and develops lumps.

Powder foundations:
They are less likely than the former to develop bacteria. But no doubt they can be damaged. When the powder cake begins to break or develop a grainy texture, it’s time to toss it away.


The creamy texture of concealer is because of the oil and other hydrating agents in it. The best way to preserve it and make it last longer is by avoiding any contact with the hands and by washing the brush daily.

Mascara should be replaced every three months. Mascara tends to dry up very fast and also because of the constant pulling out of the bristle brush, the air tends to pollute the inside. And don’t even think of adding water to remove the dryness. You would only be giving the bacteria a breeding ground.

Eye Liner
Liquid liners can dry up very quickly if not stored properly. Therefore, be sure that you close the lid tightly after every use and store in a cool dry place. Pencil liners are a better than the liquid ones and stay for about two years.

There you go! Life cycles defined for all the components of your make-up kit!
Till next time… Byeee!


Who Needs Skin Toners?

Posted for Skin Cleansers & Toners On October 21, 2008


I just checked out my mail box. And there were many of you who wrote to me rechecking if they really needed a toner. Apparently some of you have not had a good experience with toners!

So, here let me tell you… Who needs skin toners?

The answer is – Everyone! Yeah everyone!

Toners essentially clear of all residual elements that escape the cleanser and make the skin neat and dirt free.

There are available toners that cater to all skin types. However, you should be careful about what you decide to purchase…

Let me tell you who needs what…

Oily Skin Type
Women with oily skin are the ones who need it the most. Get a toner or astringent that is high in alcohol content. It works very well with oily and acne prone skin. Toners that contain salicylic acid not only get rid of the cleanser residues but also exfoliate the skin pores from within and thus reduce the chances of acne attack. Also, look for toners that have witch hazel.

Normal and Dry Skin Type
You guys have it made. Go for a moisturizing toner that contains humectants and botanicals that nourish sensitive skin.

Some women believe in completely abstaining from alcoholic toners. That need not be so! There are certain cosmetic alcohols like cetyl that doesn’t have any drying effect on the skin! However, regular use of toners with salicylic or glycolic acid can be bad.

What you can do is rotate them alternatively. For instance, use a mild cleanser one day and the stronger one the next! Try toners that contain chamomile

The moral of the story is that for any skin care product to be effective and work well, you need to know which ones to pick and how to use it correctly!


Eye Make Up Gone Eeeuuu

Posted for Eye Care & Eye Make UP On October 18, 2008


Was at a party last night. Sigh… the hangover’s still there. All that glitz and glamour is still fresh. But what still irks me is that some women just don’t get it right. They end up making the very same make-up mistakes time and time again…

I just can’t wait to enlighten these poor souls.

So here are some very common mistakes women tend to make with their make up.

Foundation mask
Now now now… Foundation is not paint. It is used to even out your skin tone, not to make you fair. Women often choose foundation a shade lighter that their skin tone in order to look fair. But that just doesn’t work. After all your neck hands and other décolleté will reveal your true colors ;)

Always choose a foundation that matches your skin tone so that it gives a natural glowing look.

Bling Blotch Blush
Women often look the female versions of Ronald McDonald with an overdose of blush. And it is in no way attractive!

The key is knowing how to apply blush correctly. Just look into the mirror and smile, and dab on blush on the apple of your cheeks. For the trendy ones, sweep across some mascara on the corner of your eyes. Pinks and peaches are hot this season!

Unshapely Eyebrows
Your eyebrows can make a world of difference on how you look. Shape them well and you look great! Ruin the shape and get a foul expression. Often it happens that women don’t pay much attention to their eyebrows, concentrating more on the eye. But you need to realize that your eyebrows can make or ‘break’ the look.

Go to a salon and consult a beautician what shape will look best on your. It can be either arc shaped or round, thin or thick. Once you get them shaped, shade them carefully. Make tiny strokes in the direction of hair growth….

Eye makeup is not only about cosmetices but involves good eye care as well. That’s for now… wait till next week as I get you more ways you can go wrong with your eye make-up!


Is Your Make-Up Making You Old?

Posted for Skin Care On October 15, 2008


You’ll be amazed to know that your make-up can either add or even subtract years off your face. It all depends on your choice of make-up formulas and techniques.

As you age, your skin becomes dry and signs of aging begin to surface like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc. It’s natural to make an effort to hide these flaws. This makes facial skin care very essential.However, women often end up doubling the visibility to these flaws instead of minimizing it .

Here are some techniques to better the task…

Avoid applying a heavy coat of foundation, especially matte foundation as it will make your skin drier and highlight wrinkles and fine lines. Rather use a combo of concealer-foundation-loose powder. The concealer corrects spots and pigmentation on the face. Next, use a light reflecting foundation that blends well and has a skin tone consistent with your natural skin around the rest of your neck and body and top it off with an oil free powder.

Things to remember:
• Apply foundation only to those areas that need coverage.
• The color of the foundation should be blend in with your skin tone.

Don’t add layers of color to your eyelids. Stick to neutral shades and give a finishing touch with eyeliner and mascara.

Things to remember:
• Avoid glittery eye shadows as they tend to settle down on the eyelashes.
• Heavy eyeliners can make you look older

Use a lipstick primer before you gab on the lipstick. This will make the lipstick stay on longer and prevent it from melting. Next, line your lips with a lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick and line the shape of your lips carefully. Fill in lipstick and complete the look.

Things to remember:
• Go for a hydrating formula so your lips don’t get dry
• Use a lip gloss to add more shine to your lips

So… there you are! Its all about knowing how to use your make up that makes all the difference.


Myths About Mineral Oil Demystified!

Posted for Skin Care On October 13, 2008


I just got back from a meeting about skin care products and their ingredients. One thing I noticed was the widespread anxiety among the audience regarding mineral oil.

That’s when I realized there were so many myths surrounding the use of mineral oil and that were shared alike by some skin care experts.

For the record, mineral oil is a colorless, odorless and tasteless substance derived from petroleum. It is also distilled from silicones like dimethicone and cyclomethicone.

Here are some popular myths:

Myth: Mineral oil clogs skin pores and cause acne!

Yeah… Pure mineral oil does promote further breakouts in acneic skin. But that doesn’t mean all anti-acne skin care products that contain a bit of mineral oil have the same effects. Industrial grade mineral oil can be comedogenic but cosmetic ones are not!

Myth: Mineral oil is occlusive

Mineral oil remains on the skin surface… true. But it neither stops the skin from breathing nor does it hinder the penetration of active ingredients within the skin. In fact, mineral oil acts as an excellent emollient cleanser as it demulsifies dirt and excess oil in the skin pores.

Myth: Mineral oil makes the skin dry

In contrast to popular belief that mineral oil dries the skin, it in fact stays on the surface and prevents moisture loss. Because its viscose in nature, it traps the moisture within the skin and lends more moisture.

Myth: Mineral oil can cause cancer

Mineral oil used in skin care products is quite different from what is used in industries. Also, the cosmetic oils have no record of being carcinogenic and stand the test of time.

Myth: Mineral oil is not natural

Mineral oil is derived from petroleum. And petroleum is as natural as essential oils or any other oils that come form the Earth. The misconception of mineral oil not being a natural product springs from the fact that it is further refined to become a usable product. But it is as safe to use as can be! Think about the use of vegetable oil in cars these days.

There you are! If you have any other myths or misconception regarding mineral oil, share them with me…

I’d like to hear from you…


Sulking About Stretch Marks

Posted for Skin Care On October 10, 2008


The creamy white lines that show up on the skin on your just seem to creep further and further, those ugly marks… The stretch marks! Those who have it know how bad they can be.

Stretch marks are from the sudden shrinking of stretched skin… Like after childbirth or after sudden weight loss. This is when the skin comes back to its original shape and shrinks.

The sad part is there is no sure shot skin care product I can think of that can guarantee relief from these stretch marks. There are some treatments that help reduce the marks, but otherwise it’s all about ‘Prevention is better than the cure.’

• Moisturizers can prove to be helpful in preventing stretch marks. That’s because they generally contain Vitamin E and A which boosts the formation of new cells and helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks

• Another preventive measure is keeping your weight controlled so that there is no sudden flab coming out. Massage your skin daily and keep it toned.

• Alpha Hydroxy Acids are one of the popular and most effective ingredients in skin care products. AHA’s are derived from sugar cane or diary products and contain powerful exfoliating compounds that break down the proteins holding dead skin cells together and make new cells to appear.

• Another popular ingredient is Retinoid. Used in creams and moisturizers to increase the absorption, retinoids accelerate the growth of new skin cells and that further helps reduce stretch marks.

• Salicylic acid also break down the proteins and lipids that are responsible for holding skin cells together and thus promote the emergence of new skin cells.

Other than these ingredients to help prevent stretch marks, you can also have surgery like laser surgery, microdermabrasion and dermabrasion. These processes remove the outer layer of the skin and bring forth the layer underneath.

So, if stretch marks are what’s troubling you… You know where to look now!


Surviving Sun Burn

Posted for Sun Tanning On October 6, 2008

What is summer without the Sun?

And where there is sun… there are sunburns.

Sunburns & Sun tanning are the most common of summer skin woes. Let us address the problem as a whole here:

Well… to start with, let me give you an idea about what exactly causes sunburns!

The sun emits UV radiations that penetrate through the deeper layers of the skin and prompts pre-mature aging of the skin. Thus the skin begins to show fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots! These rays are very harmful for the skin and should be avoided at all costs.

Moreover, when these rays enter your skin cells, they alter the DNA components and can lead to skin cancer in due course. Areas that are most exposed to sunlight are the ones at highest risk of developing the disease.

So, how do you know it is a sunburn or just a regular rash? Most cases of sunburn are not taken seriously because people mistake it for rashes.

Here are some common symptoms of sunburns:
• Irritation and pain on the affected area
• Escalation in the pain in due course of days
• Redness and peeling of the skin
• Development of blisters, blemishes and inflammations
• Heat stroke or exhaustion

Sunburns, if not treated correctly can intensify and lead to severe consequences. Therefore, it is but necessary that you take adequate precautions and prevention measures to rectify the situation.

Here are some tips:

• Use dollops of moisturizers on the affected area so as to soothe the skin and lock the moisture inside.
• Contact your doctor in order to take any medications
• Take regular baths in cold water so that the water cools down the affected area.
• Stay away from alcohol as it tends to dehydrate the skin
• Don’t peel at the skin because it may just serve to increase the healing time

So, take care of these steps and stay away from the atrocities of the sun.


All Good Things Come To An End..?

Posted for Skin Care On October 4, 2008

Why do all good things come to an end? … So sang Nelly Furtado.

Let me put it this way…

“Shades to dust
Lipsticks to hard crusts
Why do all good things come to an end…”

You guessed it right! I am talking about your long romance with your cosmetics and the break-up you refuse to do.

There is only one place for old make-up, and that’s your garbage can. You need to understand that using old cosmetics can have adverse effects on your skin and damage it all the more.

Here are some tell-tale signs that tell you when to toss away you beauty kit members


Powders find place in the all women’ beauty kit. And they are often used for years and years because they don’t show any visible cues of damage or bacterial infection. But keep an eye for grainy textures or formation of hard chunks. And if you see this you know its time to throw it away.

* Always store the powder in a cool dry place and wash the powder brush regularly.


They generally have a long shelf life. No wonder then cosmetic companies come up with new shades every season. But even your treasured shade has to go sometime or the other. Look out for any dryness on the stick or a strange smell. That’ll be the time to bid it farewell.

* Ideally, lipsticks should be changed every two years!

Eye shades

Eye shadows have the longest shelf life of any beauty product. But that’s not the signal for their lifetime validity. Over time, eye shadows develop pigments and become oily in texture. That will be the time when they breathe the last.

* Buy fewer colors in small packages in order to maximize their shelf life and avoid using your hands for application. Use a make-up brush instead.

That’s about the basic! Wait till next week as I get you more info about other make-up stuff. Keep reading!


10 Steps To Glowing Skin

Posted for Skin Care On October 3, 2008


Who doesn’t want healthy skin that glows with radiance? There are scores of skin care products out there that can help you achieve this.

But until you adopt good skin care habits, no amount of external application will help. You need to take good care of your skin and pamper it for the products to do any good.

For your skin to be radiant, it has to come from within. I’ll say it again, you have to treat your skin well. Here are 10 simple steps that will guarantee a natural glow.

• Eat a balanced diet. What you eat decides how your skin looks. If you eat a balanced diet, full with vitamins and proteins and everything… your skin will show the natural radiance too. Just the same way, if you take in lots of junk food shows on your face.yes, you are what you eat and so is your skin.

• Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water everyday. It must be the most repeated advice for healthy skin but least followed. Drinking good amounts of water throughout the day keeps the skin hydrated and maintain the proper moisture levels.

• Get 8 hours of sleep daily. Unless your skin gets enough rest, there is no way it can function optimally. Lack of sleep will show on your face as under eye circles and eye sacks.

• Exercise regularly in order to improve blood circulation and oxygen movement throughout the skin.

• Avoid excessive sun exposure. The harmful UVA and UVB radiations of the sunlight have the potential to penetrate the skin surface and cause damage that cannot be reversed.

• Apply sunscreen daily. Lather yourself with sunscreen before you venture out in the sun. Apply it at least 15-20 minutes before you go out in the sun and reapply as directed.

• Exfoliate twice a day. Exfoliating scrapes off dead skin cells from the skin surface and reveals fresh new skin from within.

• Quit smoking and avoid excessive alcohol consumption as they tend to disrupt the skin’s moisture level and cause dryness.

• Don’t stress out. The frown lines on your face will make permanent residence if they stay for too long. Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff.

• Adopt a healthy skin care regimen and follow it religiously.

It is not too late. Just follow these simple habits in your daily routine and watch yourself glow!