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How Do You Apply Your Sunscreen?

Posted for Sun Tanning On June 30, 2010


Sunscreens are indispensable component of your skin care regimen! Irrespective of the season or climate, it is important to wear a sunscreen while venturing out in the day!

One of the most common misconceptions is that sunscreens can be skipped on cloudy days. This is not true. However, even on cloudy days, the sun’s UV rays continue to stream through the clouds and reach your skin. So, it is important to have a protective layer of sunscreen that will shield off the uv rays.

Application of Sunscreens
Though you may use sunscreens daily, do you know HOW to apply them? I am not talking about taking a pea size amount on your palms and slathering it on your skin… I am talking about in what order do you apply your sunscreen in your daily skin care routine?

Is it your first layer of product or is it your last step before make-up?

Many women believe that sunscreens should be the first layer on your skin so that it is closest to the skin and deliver maximum effectiveness. But is it really so?

It depends on the type of sunscreen you use.

If you are using Physical Sunscreens that contain ingredients like Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, it doesn’t matter in what order you apply it. They’ll work just the same whether you apply it first or last. However, it is advisable to apply the sunscreen after your moisturizer just to make sure that it doesn’t inhibit the penetrating ability of the latter.

If you use chemical Sunscreens that contain ingredients like Oxycinnamate, it is advisable for you to use it as the first layer on your skin. This is just to ensure that the raw materials in other skin care products don’t influence the SPF efficacy of the sunscreen.

Here are some great products you can choose from:

La Roche Posay Anthelios SX

It’s a non-greasy moisturizer and Sunscreen all in one. Anthelios SX offers broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection and is a 2009 In Style best beauty buy!

Skin Care Heaven Chemical-Free SPF 30
It is a broad-spectrum Sunblock containing powerful antioxidants to help moisturize while protecting your skin from the harmful UV-Rays.

Doc Martins of Maui SPF 30 Sunblock
This is an amazing waterproof Sunblock that will give you excellent protection all day. Doc Martins of Maui is a sweat and waterproof formula that is moisturizing yet not greasy. This skin care product was developed by the famous and respected Maui Dermatologist, Dr. Martin.

By Marilynn Syrett


Are Chapped Lips Disrupting your Beauty?

Posted for Lip Care On June 22, 2010


Nothing ruins your look more than dry, chapped lips. In fact, chapped lips can shake your confidence when you want to snuggle up to that special someone

What Causes Chapped Lips?

Excessive Exfoliation
While it is a good thing to gently exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush to remove the layer of dead skin cells, it can be harmful if are too agressive. Excessive exfoliation actually breaks down the protective skin barrier that locks in the moisture and makes your lips drier and flakier.

Inefficient Lip Balms
You may be applying lip balm only to realize your lips are just as chapped and flaky as they were when you started. Wax-based lip balms provide only marginal protection. You need to opt for a long-stay petroleum based balm or reapply it couple of times a day.

Use of Drying Ingredients

Wrong lip care products can do more harm than good. If you are using lip products with drying ingredients, your lips will only become drier and more chapped.. For example, cinnamates, a popular ingredient in lip plumpers can cause irritation. Instead opt for a lip gloss. The shine will make your lips appear fuller.

Constant Licking
When our lips feel dry, most of us don’t think twice before licking or even biting off the flaking skin. However, this only makes the more dry. Saliva contains enzymes that break down your skin and create cracks. So try to resist this habit and instead drink plenty of water to keep your lips hydrated.

Use a moisturizing lip balm, preferably one enriched with rich antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients. Make sure it contains SPF to protect against sun damage. Lips contain less melanin which make them more susceptible to sun damage.

Product Picks:

Kinerase Ultimate Volume Lip Conditioner with SPF 20
It is a superior lip care formula that visibly plumps, protects and repairs the signs of aging. It leaves your lips noticeably smooth, full, glossy and youthful.

Glo Gloss
Available in a rich color palette, it is an amazing moisturizing lip gloss for women. Enriched with superior antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, E and Green Tea, it nourishes your lips and makes them appear fuller and plumper.

Marilynn Syrett